Collins Cemetery


Beal - Deslet area - Shannon County, MO

(north of Van Buren Carter Co MO)


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.1136, Longitude: -91.0983

Said to be located on the Bland farm on Current River below Beal's Landing.

There are 65 graves in this cemetery, only 8 graves are marked with an engraved stone.

The cemetery is located within the boundary of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

(From Shannon County, Missouri Cemeteries, Vol. I, published by the Winona Historical & Genealogical Society)


Updated directions: From Van Buren take Hwy. M until it turns into gravel. Turn left on a small gravel road.

There is a small cemetery by the gravel you take. From this point on a 4 wd vehicle is required due to water, and steep terrain.

It is about 5 miles from this point. Follow this road until it splits and turn right. Follow that road and it will spit again.

Turn left at this road. It will come down to a small opening and has a road off to the left. (It is small and rutted bad.

Park and walk from there) Follow that road for about 100 yards or less and it will take you right to the grave yard.

Rev. Mar. 10, 2017

Alfon, Parthena Luney     ____, 1847 - Sep. 24, 1919.     Daughter of Jonathan Luney & Mary J. Jones. Wife of Scott Alfon. Born in Arkansas. Died at Bowlan Twp Shannon Co MO. Burial Sep. 25, 1919. MO Death Cert.#29315-a.

Bland, Vergal      20 May 1912 - 26 May 1912.      No marker.      Son of Warren Bland & Hettie E. Huff.

Bland, Warren
     Dec. 21, 1882 - Jul. 19, 1966.     Son of James 'Wesley' Bland & Nancy Drucilla Matthews. Married 1st Hettie E. Huff 12 Apr 1903 at Shannon Co MO, daughter of H. Hampton H. Huff and Susie Belle Campbell. Married Virgie Lottie McDaniel 18 Oct 1917 at Shannon Co MO. Children of Warren & Hettie: Moses (m. Eunice Irene Woods); Austin (m. Jane Unknown); Mamie Neva (m. James Andrew Woodworth); Myrtle 'Liza Jane' (m. Alva Hulen Skiles) Vergal and Ruby Bland. Children with Virgie Lottie were: Ethel (m. Tolly Loya 'Pete' Simpson); James Robert 'J. R.' (m. Mary Jane Bell) and David Bland.

NOTE: In the 1910 census, Warren Bland is found living in the Shannon County census in Bowlin township with his wife Hettie and their 4 children, Moses, Austin,Mamie, and Myrtle. The census lists them as being married 7 years. In 1920, Warren Bland is listed in the Shannon County census in Bowlin Township with his new wife Virgie and children. The census lists him as Woren Bland and he is listed next to Hampton Huff which was his ex-father-in-law, the father of Hettie Huff. Hettie was a sister to Minnie Edgar Huff who married Jesse Carl Duncan, son of Kendrick Carl Duncan or (Carl Kendrick Duncan and Margaret Cruiser/Cruser.

From F.A.G.: Warren Bland supposedly marred Hettie E. (Huff) Bland 12 April 1903. To this union 4 children were born: Moses, Austin, Mamie, and Myrtle. Warren Bland later married Virgie Bland 18 Oct 1917. Myrtle is my great grandmother and I know where she is buried. Mamie Bland's grave, is in Bland Family Cemetery; I have added her picture to this site. She married Andrew Woodward. Source: Amber Dawn (Duffey) Jennings


Goforth, Jimmy     No Dates.      Son of Earl Goforth & Artie Mylinda Bland.

Goforth, Lu Verna 'Lavern' Herron
      Nov. 21, 1884 - Dec. 26, 1923.     Daughter of Samuel M. Herrin/Herren/Herron and Caroline Counts Hart. Married Charles H. Goforth 02 Mar 1902 Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#37304: Died  at Logan Reynolds Co MO. Wife of C. H. Goforth, Beal, MO. Buried at Beal, MO. Death certificate states 'Daughter of Sam Herring & Caroline 'Bails'. Mother of Elizabeth (m. Fred Joshua Randolph); Bessie May (m. Charles Clarence Tripp); Pearl, Earl F. (m. Elsie Patterson); Ralph & Clifford Goforth (m. Eloise Spurgeon). *Updated information from Judy Atkisson. 
Shannon County Marriages, 1901-1910, has: Charles Goforth to Luverna Herrin, 2 March 1901, J. E. Heaton, J.P.; written consent of Sam Herrin, father of Luverna); page 193. Her sister Lillie's marriage record spells the surname Herren, as does Effie's marriage record.

Herron, Caroline Counts Hart     May 12, 1856 - Feb. 26, 1919.     *Updated: Daughter of Andrew Jackson Counts and Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Brawley. Wife of Samuel M. Herren/Herron/Herrin. She was also sometimes referred to as Carolina. Andrew Jackson Counts was the son of John Adam Counts and Nancy Carroll.  Elizabeth Brawley was the daughter of John Brawley and Easter Dickey.  Caroline was the mother of Lu Verna 'Laverne' (m. Charles H. Goforth); Cynthia Florinda (m. William 'Bill' Goforth); Lillie A. (m. Thomas S. Burke, Jr.); Effie Mae (m. Robert Lee Brown); William O. Herron and Othor (m. Lydia Unknown).

NOTE: This surname is also seen as Herren/Herrin/Heren.  Caroline Herren's marriage to Samuel Herren was her 2nd marriage.  Her first marriage was to Charles 'Ely' Hart (son of Elliot Hart and Mary Ellen Blackwell).  She and Ely Hart had four daughters, Fannie Hart (Hilton), Easter Hart (Marion Hopper), Lucinda Hart (no marriage info - may have died young), and Rutha Caroline Hart who married William (Willie) Randolph.  Ely died in 1884 or 1885 and Caroline married Samuel Herren on Mar 19, 1885 (recorded in Reynolds Co - her name is shown as Caroline Hart).  They had four daughters and one son.  *Updated information from Judy Atkisson.

Hines, Beatrice Hybernia 'Vernie' LeGrand
     Sep. 30, 1867 - Sep. 24, 1934.      Daughter of Woodson LeGrand (KY) and Elizabeth Swain (KY). MO Death Cert.#32205 has date of birth September 30, 1864, and date of death September 26, 1934. Born in Kentucky; died at Elsinore Carter Co MO. Died of angina pectoris. Informant L. M. Hines, Ellington MO.
Hines, George Columbus
     Jul. 19, 1861 - Sep. 24, 1929.     Son of George A. Hines (KY) & Frances 'Elizabeth' Roan (or Rone) (KY). MO Death Cert.#38193-a has date of death November 2, 1929. Born in Bowling Green KY, died Farmington, St Francois Co MO; residence Beal, MO. Parents of Albert, Josephine, George (m. Rebecca Chilton), James, Lewis Marshall, Sarah E. and Walter Hines.


Hines, Pearl     Dec. 24, 1907 - Oct. 8, 1916.     Daughter of Albert Hines & Rhoda Cox.


Hopper, Ester Ann     1876 - 1920.    This is Easter Ann Hart, wife of Marion Hopper. Daughter of Ely Hart and Caroline Counts. Mother of Marion, Charles, Meril, Moses, Roy, Clifford, Raymond  Daughters - Manhalie, Bessie, Nora and Dora Hopper.  *Updated information from Judy Atkisson.

Shelton, Martha Pogue    Dec. 20, 1888 - Feb. 9, 1910.      Daughter of Marion Pogue (IL) & Rhoda Wallace (MO). Wife of Ed Shelton. Born Shannon Co MO; died at Bowlan Shannon Co MO.  

Tripp, Edna
     Jan. 22, 1917 - Dec. 6, 1918.     Daughter of Gentry B. Tripp & Norma M. Underwood. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#50764; informant Alice Underwood, Ellington MO.

Tripp, Eunice
     Jan. 20, 1914 - Dec. 5, 1918.     Daughter of Gentry B. Tripp & Norma M. Underwood. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#50763; informant Alice Underwood, Ellington MO.

Tripp, Floyd
     Apr. 13, 1917 - May 11, 1917.      Son of Robert E. Tripp & Stella M. Underwood. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#20996; informant R. E. Tripp, Deslet, MO.

Tripp, Gentry Benton
     Nov. 17, 1891 - Dec. 19, 1918.      Son of William J. Tripp & Matilda Breeden. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#50766; informant R. E. Tripp, Deslet, MO.
Tripp, Norma M. Underwood
     Apr. 27, 1895 - Dec. 9, 1918.      Daughter of W. M. Underwood & Alice Ferguson.  Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#50765; informant Alice Underwood, Ellington MO.

Tripp, Guy
     Oct. 26, 1900 - Nov. 18, 1901.

Tripp, James W. 
    Dec. 3, 1849 - Nov. 14, 1912.      Son of William 'Wiley' Tripp & Jane Hart. Married; wife not named. Informant Robert Tripp, Deslet Shannon Co MO. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#38029. NOTE: Grave marker has year of birth 1850.

Tripp, Pearl Irean  
   Oct. 18, 1923 - Oct. 27, 1923.      Daughter of Charles Clarence 'Charley' Tripp & Bessie May Goforth. Died in Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#32043; informant T. H. Moss, Ellington MO.

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