Midridge, Shannon  Co MO


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.9903, Longitude: -91.23


Copied from Ozark Heritage Dent Co MO Area Cemeteries & Families Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem MO.

Reprinted with permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society. Submitted by Kathy Welch Heidel.


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Asher, Edward Raymond 'Ed'    27 Sep. 1907 - Unknown.     Son of Genoah 'Noah' Asher & Ada M. Bailey. Husband of Sylvia Clark, daughter of George Henry Mathias Clark & Mary Magdalene Story.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 25 Nov. 1907.
Clark, Alta P. Story    20 Apr. 1889 - 29 Jun. 1974.      Daughter of Abraham J. Story & Artemissia Jane 'Artie' Thompson.
Clark, John Thomas 'Clifton'    04 Dec. 1885 - 09 Aug. 1967.      Son of John Thomas Clark & Melvina Cavet. Parents of Adria, Paul E., Vernis Street, Ollie M., Clifton, Horace, Artie I., Hazel Gertrude, John C. II, Ruby Lou and a son who died in infancy.


Clark, Clifton    ca. 1912 - aft. 1940.      Son of John Thomas 'Clifton' Clark & Alta P. Story. Husband of Edith Reed. Father of Melba A. & Kenneth Clark.


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 03 Mar. 1903.
Clark, George Henry Mathias    31 Oct. 1881 - 19 Aug. 1979.      Son of John Thomas Clark & Melvina Cavet.
Clark, Mary Magdalene Story  12 Dec. 1881 - 14 Dec. 1941.      Daughter of Abraham J. Story & Artemissia Jane 'Artie' Thompson.
Parents of Sam (m. Freida Short), Sylvia (m. Edward Asher), Pearl, Ruby, Herbert, Harold A. (m. Bobbie Jean Reed), Georgia, Mildred and Madeline Clark.


Clark, Infant    30 Mar. 1913 - 16 Apr. 1913.      Child of John Thomas 'Clifton' Clark & Alta P. Story.


Clark, Jerry Douglas    07 Feb. 1934 - 31 Mar. 1934.      Son of Harold Clark (Midridge MO) & Bobby Jean Reed (Huntsville AR). MO Death Cert.#11589. Burial 02 Apr. 1934.


Clark, John Thomas    03 Oct. 1859 - 19 Nov. 1933.      Son of John Mathias Clark & Harriett Unknown. Born in Canada. Husband of Melvina Cavet, married 1880.


Clark, Kenneth Reed    18 Jun. 1940 - 07 Nov. 1940.      Son of Clifton Clark & Edith Reed. MO Death Cert.#44055, died Nov., 1940 Shannon Co MO.


Clark, Melba A.    04 Jul. 1933 - 06 Sep. 1934.      Daughter of Clifton Clark & Edith Reed.


Clark, Ruby Lou    16 Mar. 1926 - 03 Jun. 1929.      Daughter of John Thomas 'Clifton' Clark & Alta P. Story.


Goforth, Clyde E.    14 Apr. 1912 - 24 Jul. 1940.      Born in Pike Co MO. Married Artie I. Clark. Father of Ronald Goforth. MO Death Cert.#26009.


Goforth, Permelia Frances Medley    28 Apr. 1865 - Unknown.     Born at Hillsboro Jefferson Co MO. Married John Goforth 26 Sep. 1883 Shannon Co MO. Mother of Clarence, Flora, Sarah, William, Ida, Zilla, Lucy & Walter Goforth.


Goforth, Ronald    20 Dec. 1936 - 10 Feb. 1937.  Son of Clyde E. Goforth & Artie I. Clark.


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 09 Sep. 1881 Shannon Co MO.
Mahan, Francis Marion    ca. 1860 - Unknown.      Believed to be buried here.     Son of Samuel William Mahan & Elizabeth Marcus.
Mahan, Sarah Abigail 'Sally' Ross   21 Jun. 1864 - Unknown.     Believed to be buried here.     Born in Ohio. Daughter of William F. Ross & Julia Ann Rumberg. Parents of Thomas J., Rosa A., Emma, James A., George E., Nora and possibly as son Tobe Mahan.


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1876.
Story, Abraham J.    25 Jun. 1856 - 15 Mar. 1932.      Son of Larkin Story & Jane Mahan.
Story, Artemissia Jane 'Artie' Thompson    11 May 1856 - 07 Feb. 1932.     Daughter of Thomas Thompson & Sarah Chilton. Parents of William H. 'Bill', Mary Magdalene, Sarah A., Alta P., Lemuel, Flynn, Luther H. and two children who died in infancy.


Walton, Alfred Leroy    01 Jul. 1935 - 26 Jun. 1936.      Son of Robert Walton (Waterloo IA) & Adena McFarland (Wadina MN). MO Death Cert.#25201.


Walton, Infant    04 Mar. 1934 - 22 Jun. 1936.     Daughter of Robert Walton (Waterloo IA) & Adena McFarland (Wadina MN). MO Death Cert.#25199.

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