Round Spring - Timber


The original list was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families', Vol. III, 1994, by Ken Fiebelman of Salem. Reprinted with permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of Dent County Historical Society. Submitted by Kathy Welch Heidel originally. Thanks to other contributors for updates, additions and corrections.


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 37.3733, Longitude: -91.39


Community of Round Spring - In northeast Jasper Township, a post-office since 1876. Named because of a large round spring about 80 feet in diameter. A local legend says that a mad Indian Chieftain stamped the ground until the hollowed basin from which the spring flows was formed. (--Place Names.) It is located at Section 19, Township 30 N, Range 4 W, on Highway 19, on Current River. Round Spring State Park is adjacent.


Timber - A post-office in Jasper Township since 1896. Named from its location in a timbered region, which will eventually be included in Clark National Forest. (--Place Names.) It is in the north central part of the county, 10 miles north of Eminence. (--The State of Missouri, in 1904, p. 517.) It is located at Section 19, Township 31 N, Range 4 W, on Highways A & 19.


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Adams, Jackie Sue     Jul. 22, 1954 - Dec. 17, 1954. Infant daughter of Louis Judson Adams & Vera 'Jean' Allen.

DOUBLE: Married Oct. 10, 1953
Adams, Louis Judson     Feb. 14, 1924 - May 16, 1966. 'T. Sgt US Army World War II.' Son of Louis Cleveland Adams & Alice Cox; grandson of Lewis Cass Adams & Josephine Blaine & James M. Cox & Sirena Summers.
Adams, Vera 'Jean' Allen     Jul. 17, 1937 - Living. Daughter of Edgar Burl Allen & Alma Irene Hurt. Parents of Jackie Sue; Diana Ruth (m. Bruce Cross); Robert Dwain (m. Laura Honerkamp); Louis James 'Jim' & William Joseph 'Bill' Adams.

DOUBLE:  Married November 18, 1933, Dent Co MO

Allen, Alma Irene Hurt      Dec. 12, 1914 - Mar. 28, 1998. Born Pike Co AR to William Joseph Hurt & Bertha Blake.
Allen, Edgar Burl      Nov. 4, 1910 - Dec. 27, 1998. Son of Perry Penn Allen & Evaline Brewer. Parents of Melba Louise (m. Leland Darel Baker); Vera 'Jean' (m. Louis Judson Adams) & Carolyn Berniece Allen (m. Elvin Wayne Terrill).

Anderson, James Robert      Dec. 23, 1901 - Aug. 30, 1967. Married Clara Ellen Conway 19 Jun 1926 at Dent Co MO. Father of Robert Paul Anderson, James Robert Anderson, Jr., Glen Edward Anderson & Clara Ellen Anderson.


Baker, Edgar Montie 'Mont'     Jan. 10, 1893 - Mar. 23, 1980. 'Pfc. US Army World War I.' Son of William Hudson Baker & Eda Cordelia Adams.

Baker, Mary L. Morrison     Dec. 30, 1902 - May 31, 1936.  Daughter of George Edward 'Ed' Morrison & Laura Lillian Redwine. MO Death Cert.#21674: Born Crawford Co MO. Died at Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Cause of death was from injuries received when a barn door fell on her just prior to her premature delivery in childbirth. Informant N. M. Chrisco, Gladden, MO. Burial Jun. 2, 1936.


Baker, Melba Louise Allen     May 9, 1934 – Living or Unknown. (no marker). Daughter of Edgar Burl Allen & Alma Irene Hurt. Wife of Leland Darel Baker, married June 12, 1954; mother of Darel & Diana Lorene Baker.

Barrett, Gladys M. Morrison Swiney     Mar. 14, 1907 - Sep. 10, 1989. Daughter of George Edward 'Ed' Morrison & Laura Lillian Redwine. Married Harrison M. Swiney; married Glenn McNeil Barrett 1951. Mother of Carl Swiney (m. Beulah Brim), Harold Swiney, Roger Swiney and Gerald Swiney, Dallas Dale Barrett & Bobby D. Barrett.


Boyd, Leo Earl      Nov. 25, 1917 - Jul. 10, 1983. 'Cpl., US Army, World War II.'
Boyd, Virginia Claire Luck     Jan. 27, 1920 - Jan. 3, 1995
. Parents of Earl Boyd (Nov. 27, 1939 - Aug. 10, 1989).

Breeding, Infant      Born & Died Apr. 4, 1921. Infant Daughter of A. D. 'Dave' Breeding & Martha J. Tune.

Breeding, Martha J. Tune     Sep. 6, 1885 - Apr. 6, 1921. Wife of A. D. 'Dave' Breeding. Daughter of Thomas Tune & Josie Husband.

Breeding, Myrtle     Mar. 10, 1910 - Mar. 10, 1911. Daughter of A. D. 'Dave' Breeding & Martha J. Tune. MO Death Cert.#11216: Died from effect of burns.


Brickey, Elzada Prater      Mar. 11, 1895 - Apr. 13, 1936. Daughter of Martin Dillard Prater (Morrison TN) & Mary Adeline Bates (Alton MO). MO Death Cert.#17277: Occupation restaurant operator. Address 6827 S. Broadway, St Louis MO, born at Alton Oregon Co MO, died at City Hospital in St Louis MO. Cause of death: shock & burns (1st & 2nd degree), of face & body, rec’d when ceiling became ignited from explosion of coal oil cans while pouring same into stove at place of business (restaurant). Informant Ross Brickey. Burial at Timber MO on Apr. 14, 1936.
Brickey, Ross      Jun. 8, 1886 - Nov. 30, 1947. Son of Peter P. Brickey & Mary Unknown. Parents of Clarence (m. Ellen Unknown) & Hazel Irene (m. Unknown Scott).


Broadfoot, Cordelia A. Copeland      Apr. 7, 1861 - Dec. 3, 1926. MO Death Cert.#40503: Born 1861; died at Eminence MO. Wife of John Broadfoot; daughter of Unknown Copeland (TN) & Unknown Chrisco (AL). Informant Harold McBride, Winona MO. Burial Dec. 4th. NOTE: Her husbad, John Webster Broadfoot, was born Dec. 12, 1872 & died Nov. 16, 1936 at Winona. He was the son of Charles Broadfoot & Josephine Moffat. He is buried at a Winona cemetery according to his death cert.#43464.


Broadfoot, Nellie Faye     Dec. 22, 1895 - Jul. 31, 1939. Daughter of John H. Ellerman & Belle G. Freeman. MO Death Cert.#29351 has died July, 1940 at Phelps Co MO. She married William C. Broadfoot Dec. 26, 1915 Shannon Co MO.


Broadfoot, William Walter     Jul. 8, 1868 - Dec. 11, 1887.


Brooks, Sharlotta I.     Dec. 28, 1870 - Dec. 30, 1878.


Burke, Della May     Jan. 16, 1891 - Jan. 17, 1964. Wife of George Burke.


Burke, Guy      No dates. Infant son of George & Della Burke.


Burke, John A.      Jan. 4, 1921 - May 29, 1975. 'BM 1, US Navy.'


DOUBLE: Married Apr. 11, 1931

Burks, Beulah Allen      Aug. 17, 1916 - Aug. 5, 1998. Daughter of Perry Penn Allen & Evaline Brewer.

Burks, Emette G.      May 16, 1910 - Sep. 24, 1986. Parents of Melvin & Merle Burks.


Burks, Catherine    Feb. 13, 1832 - May 18, 1940.


Busby, Permelia     Sep. 14, 1872 - Mar. 12, 1902. Wife of J. G. Busby.

Cavender, Edith J. Pankey     Jan. 19, 1916 - Mar. 12, 1954. MO Death Cert.#9933: Daughter of Elijah Thomas & Pearl Pankey. Wife of Liness Cavender. Died at St. Louis MO. Informant Clifford K. Thomas, St. Louis; burial Mar. 12, 1954.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 19 Apr 1896 at Shannon Co MO.
Chrisco, Adam Andrew      Feb. 13, 1873 - Jan. 11, 1943. (Original list has Andrew Adam Chrisco). MO Death Cert.#120 has Adam A. Chrisco, died Jan. 1943 at St Louis City. Alternate source has Andrew Adam, born Feb. 13, 1874.
Chrisco, Sarah Elizabeth 'Lillie' Willis     Aug. 15, 1876 - Jun. 29, 1949. Daughter of George Willis & Bell Burk. MO Death Cert.#29001: Informant Clara Bandy, Springfield MO. Burial July 1st. Parents of 10 children: Eva Willis (m. Albert Hartman); Dona Myrtle; William Jennings Bryan 'Willie' (m. Hazel Ivy Jennings); Denice Elizabeth (m. John Wesley Reed); Andrew Adam (m. Cecile L. Unknown); Evie; Nellie M. (m. Floyd Issner); Richard Ray (m. Geneva Lee Koogler); Clara Velma (m. Manley Bandy) and Woodrow Wilson (m. Zona Mary Jane Waugh).


Chrisco, Albert P.    Oct. 19, 1919 - Jun. 5, 1992.


Chrisco, George T.      Aug. 13, 1894 - Jan. 10, 1953. 'Missouri, Pvt., Co. K, 354 Inf. 89 Div., World War I. '


Chrisco, George Washington      Jan. 3, 1874 - Jul. 18, 1952. MO Death Cert.#25373: Husband of Martha Chrisco. Son of John J. Chrisco & Nancy E. Hurt.  Born in Shannon Co MO, died at Waynesville Pulaski Co MO at DeWitt Hospital. Burial Jul. 21st. He married three times. Ada V. Counts 05 Jun 1898 Shannon Co MO. Mary Vines 25 Dec 1907 Shannon Co MO. Martha Ellender Busby 22 Jan 1911 Shannon Co MO. Children with Ada: Otis R. (m. Gladys Arms); John (m. Thelma Welch); William and Elmer (m. Mary Stulce). Child with Mary: Earl (m. Leone Unknown). Children with Martha: Walter Glenn (m. Gertrude Smith); Wallen Rufus (m. Eunice Shelton, m. Dorothy Unknown); Georgia Adora; Ethel Pauline (m. Glenn Shelton); Lorene May; Lloyd Leslie; Margaret Marie; Murrell George & Mayo Nadine (m. Kenneth Ray Bell).


Chrisco, Infant      Born & Died May 30, 1923. Infant Daughter of John Wesley Chrisco & Ethel 'Lora' Ellerman.


Chrisco, Infant      Born & Died Dec. 10, 1933. Infant Daughter of John Wesley Chrisco & Ethel 'Lora' Ellerman.


Chrisco, Infant      Born & Died May 30, 1942. Infant Daughter of John Wesley Chrisco & Ethel 'Lora' Ellerman.


Chrisco, James John      Nov. 8, 1876 - Mar. 12, 1917. Son of John Jacob Chrisco & Nancy Isabella Hurt. Married Mary R. Counts 25 Dec 1902 Shannon Co MO. Father of Gragor Anvil; Floy Carr (m. Calvin Lafayette Browing); Euel Lawrence; Marie; Mamie; William 'Dan' (m. Esther Marie Hawkins, m. Willa B. Derryberry) and Ira E. (m. Eula Pauline Stewart). NOTE: His widow Mary remarried to James R. Welch and had a daughter. There is some confusion about her name, either Marie or Mamie, which means the daughters listed as hers with James John Chrisco named Marie and Mamie, could actually be this daughter of her second marriage, although her she is shown as the daughter of James R. Welch. It just seems unlikely that Mary would name two daughters the same name.


Chrisco, Jerry D.     Apr. 8, 1944 - May 28, 1944. Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. Chrisco.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1867.

Chrisco, John Jacob     Jul. 25, 1850 - Aug. 11, 1970. Alternate birth Jul. 25, 1849. Born in Morgan Co AL, the son of John Thomas Chrisco & Sarah Ellen Copeland. Father Mary 'Polly' (m. Francis Newton Copeland); William Riley 'Rile' (m. Denice Elizabeth Copeland); Anna; John Jacob (m. Nancy Isabella Hurt) and Moses W. (m. Mary A. Unknown).

Chrisco, Nancy Isabella Hurt      Dec. 27, 1850 - Jan. 19, 1890. Daughter of Matthew Joseph Hurt & Elvira Richardson. Parents of 8 children: Margaret E. 'Mag' (m. James M. Swiney); Henry; Elvira (m. William Chase 'Jack' Carver); George Washington (m. Ada V. Counts, m. Mary Vines, m. Martha Ellender Busby); Rufus C. (m. Lillie Copeland); James John (m. Mary R. Counts); John Wesley (m. Ethel 'Lora' Ellerman) and Daniel Burnett (m. Katie Katherine Ellerman, m. Laura Lillian Redwine, m. Norma Blackwell).


Chrisco, Leland Darrel     Born & Died Sep. 12, 1927. Infant son of Daniel Burnett Chrisco & Laura Lillian Redwine. MO Death Cert.#29283: Born &  died at Sinkin (Newton Twp) Shannon Co MO. Informant D. B. Chrisco, Sinkin MO. Burial Sep.13th.



Chrisco, Lillie Copeland     Aug. 29, 1883 - Sep. 9, 1932.  MO Death Cert.#31160: Born Aug. 18, 1885. Died Sep. 3, 1932. Daughter of Samuel Copeland (TN) & Ester Slusher (Iron Co MO). Informant (looks like) Albert Copeland, Annapolis MO. Burial Sept. 5th.

Chrisco, Rufus C.     Apr. 23, 1875 - Jun. 6, 1957. Son of John Jacob Chrisco & Nancy Isabella Hurt.


Chrisco, William Riley ‘Rile’     Jun. 10, 1845 - Dec. 13, 1918. Married Denice Elizabeth Copeland. MO Death Cert.#50760: Born Jun. 10, 1846 in Alabama. Died at Grassy. Son of John Chrisco (AL) & Sarah Copeland (AL). Informant Adam Chrisco, Eminence. Burial Dec. 15 at Sinkin. Father of Andrew 'Adam' Chrisco.


Chrisco, William Jennings ‘Willie’ Bryan     Dec. 22, 1896 - Jul. 26, 1930.  Married Hazel Ivy Jennings. ‘Sgt. Willie J. Chrisco’ Missouri, Sgt., 1 M.G. Bn., 1 Div. MO Death Cert.#25591: Lists ‘Willie J. Chrisco’, son of Adam Chrisco (Shannon Co MO) & Elizabeth Willis (Shannon Co MO). Informant Hazel Chrisco, Hartshorn, MO. Burial Jul. 27, 1930.



Church, Martha     1875 – 1952 (no marker). MO Death Cert.#6989: Martha J. Church, daughter of Sam Thorington. Born Apr. 15, 1874 in Iowa; died Feb. 8, 1952 at Ink Shannon Co MO. Informant Mrs. Neal Williams, Ink, MO.

Church, Sherman Grant      Mar. 28, 1866 - Jun. 19, 1946. MO Death Cert.#22427: Born Mar. 28, 1867 at Shellsburg Iowa; died at Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Son of Samuel Henry Church. Informant Martha Jane Church, Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Burial Jun. 21, 1946.


Clark, Ernest L.     May 12, 1947 - Jan. 31, 2001.     'SN US Coast Guard.' Son of John C. Clark, II & Ella Mae Baker. Brother of John L. Clark.


Comely, Sarah Jane Sisco Wood     Jun. 1, 1859 - Sep. 18, 1920. Married 1st Marion Frank Wood. Married 2nd Vernon Richard Comely 07 Aug 1910 Shannon Co MO. Children of Sarah & Marion Wood: Everett Sullivan; Harrison; Dora; James V. (m. Florence Rosetta Baker); Rachel (m. George H. Sullivan); William W. (m. Artie Mae Parker); Charles Edward (m. Ethel Shoults); Marion Franklin (m. Sadie Davis); Mary Josephine; Sarah Elizabeth (m. George Alexander Young); May (m. Unknown Smith); Henry, & Clarence (m. Neva Casey). NOTE: Marion Frank Young married Ola Lewis and is buried at New Hope Cemetery.


Connelly, Myrtle Inis Enloe     Dec. 31, 1903 - Aug. 9, 1933. Myrtle Inez Enloe Conley. Wife of Edward Monroe Conley. Daughter of Charles Landrine Enloe & Sarah Elizabeth Pyatt/Piatt. Mother of Edna Conley Mann. MO Death Cert.#28541 has Myrtle Connally, wife of Ed Connally, daughter of Charles Enloe & Lizzie Piatt. Born Dec. 3, 1900; died at Round Spring Shannon Co MO. Informant Ed Connally, Round Spring (his signature); burial Aug. 10, 1933.


Conway, Anna L.     1934 – Living or Unknown.     
Conway, Earl Earman     Apr. 16, 1919 - Mar. 4, 1955. 'Missouri Pfc. Co. B. 345 Engineers World War II. MO Death Cert.#10703: Son of T. E. Conway & Nola Marcus. Cause of death multiple skull fractures, due to jumping from truck going out of control. Head struck pavement. Accident was due to faulty brakes & broken drive shaft. Truck was loaded. Accident occurred 1 mile north of Eminence. Burial March 6th.


Conway, Geraldene & Irlene, twins         Born & Died Mar. 1, 1937. MO Death Certs.#13802 & 13802 has Arline Conway & Geraldine Conway of Gladden MO, born & died March 1, 1937; daughter of Thurman B. Conway & Clara E. F. Wood. Stillborn twin daughters. Informant T. B. Conway, Gladden. Undertaker W. T. Eudy. Burial March 2nd.

Conway, Lloyd E.     Jan. 11, 1926 - Oct. 8, 1996. ‘Pfc., US Army, World War II.'


Conway, Nola May Marcus     Jun. 16, 1885 - Feb. 15, 1945. Daughter of George W. Marcus & Rachel Unknown. MO Death Cert.#10778: Born Jun. 16, 1886. Burial Feb. 15th.

Conway, Thomas E.     Dec. 6, 1879 - Feb. 22, 1970. 


Dodson, Billy Dean    Aug. 15, 1938 - Jul. 29, 1939.    Son of Rufus Dodson & Gladys Young. MO Death Cert.#30359: Died Jul. 10, 1939. Burial Jul. 12th.


DOUBLE: Married March 16, 1935
Dodson, Gladys Young      Feb. 28, 1913 - Dec. 17, 2003.
Dodson, Rufus Marion      Apr. 21, 1913 - Jan. 2, 1964. ‘Missouri, Pvt., Army Air Forces, World War II.


Donley, Jess W.      Oct. 5, 1887 - Oct. 5, 1946. Son of George Washington Donley (born Ohio) & Elizabeth Smith (born KY). MO Death Cert.# 35824: Born Oregon Co MO; died Gladden, Shannon Co MO. Burial October 8, 1946. Informant Lola May Donley.


Donley, Lola May Lee     Jun. 15, 1907 - Jul. 31, 1959. Daughter of David Lee & Rosa Unknown. Parents of Jessie May Donley and William Edmond Donley.. She married also Homer Jennings Blake. Child of that marriage Lena Blake Martin.


Donley, Monroe Cleve     Sep. 16, 1889 - Apr. 10, 1958. Missouri, Pvt., Camp Utilities Dept., World War II.'


Donley, William Edmond    Feb. 28, 1938 – Mar. 5, 1938. MO Death Cert.# 8327: Child of Jess Donley (born Thomasville, Oregon Co MO), & Lola May Lee (born Gladden, Shannon Co MO). Born & died at Gladden, Shannon Co MO. Informant Jess W. Donley. Burial March 8, 1938.


Ellerman, Belle Grant Freeman      Dec. 3, 1865 – Feb. 9, 1954. Daughter of Unknown Freeman & Nancy Holt. Widow of John Ellerman. MO Death Cert.#4425: Born Dec. 4, 1865 in Hickory Co MO. Died at Gladden, Dent Co MO, of arteriosclerosis. Informant Mrs. John Chrisco, Salem MO. Burial Feb. 12,1954.

Ellerman, John H.      Mar. 13, 1857 - Mar. 2, 1935.  Son of Garrett Ellerman & Mary C. Beckman. MO Death Cert.#11596:  Born in Indiana. Died Newton Twp. Informant Alice Broadfoot, Gladden, MO. Burial March 3rd. Parents of Nellie Faye (m. William C. Broadfoot); Ethel 'Lora' (m. John Wesley Chrisco); Katy Katherine (m. Daniel Burnett Chrisco); Allie; Cura Clara & Sylvia (m. Vernon A. Purcell).


DOUBLE: (military markers side-by-side)

Ellerman, Beulah R. Hill     Jan. 31, 1921 – Living or Unknown.     Daughter of Herbert James Arthur Hill & Bertha A. Swiney.

Ellerman, Garrett H.     Apr. 16, 1922 - Mar. 25, 1985.     Parents of Carolyn K., Judy Sue (m. Mickey Lawrence Heard) and Garrett Ronald 'Garry' Ellerman.


Ellerman, Carylon Kay    Aug. 18, 1944 - Sep. 9, 1944. Daughter of Garrett H. Ellerman & Beulah R. Hill. MO Death Cert.#35124: Born & died at Ellington Reynolds Co MO. Death certificate has burial at Driskell Cemetery Sep. 9, 1944.


Ellerman, Cura Clara    Dec. 4, 1899 - Jul. 27, 1924. ‘Age 25 YS. 7 MS. 23 DS.’ Daughter of John H. Ellerman & Belle Grant Freeman.


Ellerman, Garrett Ronald 'Garry'     Oct. 8, 1946 - May 11, 1968.  ‘Texas, Sgt., Co. C, 12 Cav. Div., Vietnam BSM & OLC- PH.' Son of Garrett H. Ellerman & Beulah R. Hill. Killed in Vietnam.


Ellerman, Judy Sue     Mar. 10, 1943 - Nov. 2, 1999. Daughter of Garrett H. Ellerman & Beulah R. Hill.  Married Mickey Lawrence Heard.


Hill, Herbert 'James Arthur'    Mar. 30, 1859 - Oct. 18, 1939. Married Bertha A. Swiney 24 Dec 1916 Shannon Co MO. Parents of 8 children: James E.; Noel William; Maxine (m. Vernis Williams); Flossie (m. Unknown Gonzales); Helena (m. James R. Chitwood); Gilbert; Herbert & Beulah R. (m. Garrett H. Ellerman).


Hughes, Mrs. S. D.     Jul. 2, 1905 - Mar. 14, 1926. ( has Mrs. H. - Hughes, reported to be buried here, no marker) MO Death Cert.#7776:  Mary Hughes, born in Dent Co MO on Jul. 2, 1905, died Mar. 15, 1926 at Salem, Dent Co MO. Wife of S. D. Hughes. Daughter of W. M. Wells (Shannon Co MO) & Inez Hardcastle (Shannon Co MO). Informant Porter Black, Salem MO; burial March 17th at Sinkin’ Cemetery.


DOUBLE: Married 08 Feb 1912 Shannon Co MO.

Hurt, Bertha Loretta Blake     Nov. 1, 1897 - Jan. 31, 1978. Daughter of Samuel Tackett Blake & Bessie Theresa 'Thursa' Jenkins.

Hurt, William Joseph 'Bill'     May 28, 1893 - Nov. 23, 1969. Son of Samuel Hurt & Sarah Mary Maxey. Parents of 11 children: Twin daughters; Alma Irene (m. Edgar Burl Allen); Wilma Norene (m. William Milbratz); William Woodrow (m. Minnie Serena Adams); Vernon Clyde (m. Mildred Faith Asbridge); Virginia Marie; Gladys May (m. Donald Arlo Lawson); Beulah Icelene (m. Rudolph Wood); Glenna Estalee (m. Lemoin Frederick Smith) and Lillian Lois (m. John Houston Banks).


Hurt, Twins    Jul. 6, 1913 – Jul. 7, 1913. 'Infants of William & Bertha Hurt.” Only one death certificate found - MO Death Cert.#25170: Unnamed infant daughter of W. J. Hurt (Sinkin, MO) & Bertha I. Blake (Sinkin, MO). Born premature at 6 mos. 21 days gestation. Burial Jul. 8th.


DOUBLE: Married Feb. 8, 1914 Shannon Co MO.

Hurt, Eva Orlena Blake     Sep. 16, 1895 - Dec. 17, 1986. Daughter of John Daniel Leonard Blake & Vienna Anna Carolina Brooks.

Hurt, Orin     Nov. 28, 1896 - Mar. 27, 1945.  Son of Samuel Hurt & Sarah Mary Maxey. MO Death Cert.#12235 (listed as Grin Hurt): Died at Commonwealth Aircraft Post 9, 23rd Wyoming, Kansas City, Jackson Co MO (where employed). Usual residence Kansas City MO. Informant Erman Hurt, Kansas City MO; burial listed as Mar. 28, 1945 at Willow Springs Howell Co MO. Funeral director Stine & McClure, KCMO. Parents of 8 children: Norman Sylvester (m. Florence R. Jordan); Lillian Lucille (m. Elmer Alyis Bilbrey); Erman Darrel (m. Margaret Louise Taber); Inez Luesse (m. Roland Lavern Miller); Ruby Lorene (m. Loyd Ray Morton); Royal Ervin (m. Christine Elizabeth Keith); Herman Dewayne (m. Martha Sue Taber) & John Daniel.


Hurt, John Daniel      Oct. 29, 1936 - Nov. 13, 1936.  Son Orin Hurt & Eva Orlena Blake.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 24 Jun 1865 Iron Co MO.

Hurt, Matthew Joseph     Nov. 4, 1822 - Aug. 7, 1900. Son of Daniel Hurt & Isabella Johnson (or Johnston).

Hurt, Catherine Lucinda Melugin      Mar. 9, 1845 - Mar. 14, 1909. Parents of Melissa Jane (m. Thomas Marion Medley); Samuel (m. Sarah Mary Maxey, m. Addie M. Lanham, m. Julia Keen Browning); Permelia (m. John Calvin Busby) and Mary Frances (m. Oliver Olcott Woodland).


DOUBLE: Married March, 1945.

Hurt, Mildred F.      Feb. 21, 1923 – Living or Unknown.

Hurt, Vernon Clyde      Sep. 4, 1923 - Mar. 5, 1966.  ‘Pvt Vernon Clyde Hurt’, Missouri Pvt Co. E 355 Engr. Regt. World War II.' Son of William Joseph 'Bill' Hurt & Bertha Loretta Blake. Parents of Janice Marie (m. Larry Frazier); Judith Arlene (m. Robert Smith) and Jerry Wayne (m. Jennifer Rayfield).


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 17 Sep 1891 Shannon Co MO.

Hurt, Samuel     Nov. 25, 1869 - Nov. 17, 1924. Son of Matthew Hurt (NC) & Catherine Lucinda Malugin (Carthage MO). MO Death Cert.#33571: Born & died Shannon Co MO. Informant O. O. Woodland, Salem, MO. Burial Nov. 19th.  He married three times: 2nd to Addie M. Lanham, 3rd to Julia Keen Browning.
Hurt, Sarah Mary Maxey      Mar. 24, 1867 - Dec. 31, 1910. Daughter of Daniel Wesley Maxey & Anna Cardine McDougal. Parents of William Joseph 'Bill' (m. Bertha Loretta Blake); Orin (m. Eva Orelena Blake); Lucinda Catherine (m. James Hobker Adams); Julia Ann (m. James Luther Browning); Rozella 'Zellie'; Mary Jane (m. William Edgar Blunkall); Daniel Wesley (m. Susan Marie Bryson) & Samuel Clarence Hurt.   


Hurt, Samuel Clarence    Nov. 14, 1910 - Jan. 14, 1911. Son of Samuel Hurt & Sarah Mary Maxey. 


Hurt, Virginia Marie     Born & Died 1925. Daughter of William Joseph Hurt & Bertha Loretta Blake. MO Death Cert.#32003-b: Born Oct. 8, 1925 at Sinkin MO; died Oct. 28, 1925, at Sinkin. Age 20 days. Informant William Hurt. Burial Oct. 29, 1925.


Hurt, William Woodrow      Oct. 6, 1921 - Apr. 1, 1951. Son of William Joseph Hurt & Bertha Loretta Blake. 'Veteran of WWII.'  Married Minnie Serena Adams 21 Jun 1946. MO Death Cert.#11257: Burial Apr. 2, 1951. Father of Barbara Ann (m. Leon Mag) & Linda Ruth (m. R. Schick).


Hurt, Rozella 'Zellie'      Jun. 26, 1903 - Apr. 15, 1906. Daughter of Samuel Hurt & Sarah Mary Maxey. 



Jones, William Lee     May 26, 1868 - Mar. 4, 1946. MO Death Cert.#12712: Born in Wayne Co MO the son of Thomas Jones & Betty Carnahan. Widower. Died at Salem Dent Co MO. Burial Mar. 5, 1946. Informant Edward Jones, Salem MO.

Jones, Margaret Hines      Died 1930. Born about 1870. Daughter of George W. Hines & Elizabeth J. Unknown. Parents of Effie (m. John Alva Busby; Maggie Lela 'Lee' (m. Hiram Vance); Charles; Lizzy; William Edward (m. Unknown); David Timan (m. Lula D. Bedwell) & Lyman Jones. 


Jones, Patricia Sue    May 28, 1943 - Jan. 26, 1944. Daughter of William Edward Jones & Unknown. MO Death Cert.#2770: Died in Dent Co MO.   


Jones, Thurman Clyde     Oct. 31, 1931 - Jul. 14, 1934. Son of Charles Jones (Reynolds Co MO) & Lora Wisdom (Crawford Co MO). MO Death Cert.#23941: Born Oct. 28, 1930 at Salem, died at Gladden, age 3 yrs. 8 mos. 16 days. Informant W. F. Jones, Jadwin MO. Burial Jul. 15th.


Lee, David     Jun. 15, 1859 - Feb. 10, 1929. MO Death Cert.#6491: Born Phelps Co MO the son of Frank Lee (Phelps Co MO) & B. (looks like) Aknam, Died Feb. 10, 1924 at Sinkin, Shannon Co MO. Informant Rosa Lee, Sinkin, MO. Burial Feb. 11th.

Lee, Rosetta 'Rosa' Prater     Mar. 27, 1869 - Jun. 5, 1958. Reported to be buried here, no stone.


Light, David Wilburn     1879 - 1960.
Light, Sarah Jane Wilson     Feb. 25, 1875 – Oct. 28, 1952. MO Death Cert.#34605: Born Shannon Co MO, died  (Dent Co MO). Daughter of W. W. Wilson & Mary Thompson. Burial Oct. 30, 1952.


McCallum, Jimmie E.    Feb. 17, 1931 - Jun. 26, 1994. Spencer FHM


McMullin, Elijah M.     Nov. 11, 1869 - May 6, 1910. Son of Zachariah Taylor Black (Shannon Co MO) & Nancy McMullen (Reynolds Co MO). MO Death Cert.#15543 has Elijah McMullen, born Nov. 11, 1870 at Reynolds Co MO; died May 6, 1910 at Newton Twp Shannon Co MO. Cause of death: Killed – gunshot. Determined by Shannon County Coroner P. D. Gum, Birch Tree MO. Informant George W. Conley, Eminence. Burial May 9, 1910. He married Evelonor Baker 10 Feb 1889 Eminence; married Maleta Jane Hurt 30 Aug 1903 Shannon Co MO. Children from first marriage: Albennie (m. Andrew Jackson 'Buck' Banks); Arizonia (m. Arthur Copeland); Ethel (m. C. T. Rodgers); Minnie Florence (m. Terry Russell Webb); Raussie (m. Unknown Miller) & David Mark McMullin.

NOTE: This family is also known as McMullins. Children from second marriage: Anna Laura (m. Unknown Foster); Lola Parilee (m. Unknown Leech); Blanche (m. Unknown Sowersby) & Daniel McMullin(s).


McMullin, Daniel    Dec. 4, 1897 - Mar. 1, 1908. Son of Elijah J. McMullin & Maleta Jane Hurt. Alternate date of birth Dec. 4, 1907. 


Medley, Willie      Dec. 20, 1896 - Jan. 31, 1897. Son of Thomas Marion Medley & Melissa Jane Hurt.


Miller, Leona Elizabeth Wood     Aug. 4, 1923 - Jun. 17, 1944. Daughter of Charles Edward Wood & Ethel Shoults. Married Harold A. Miller, Sr. MO Death Cert.#22262: Died in childbirth. Died Phelps Co MO.  


Miller, Harold A., Jr.     Jun. 17, 1944 - Mar. 6, 1945. Son of Harold A. Miller, Sr. & Leona Elizabeth Wood. 


Morton, Larry Keith     Dec. 22, 1945 - Dec. 21, 1946. Son of Loyd 'Ray' Morton & Ruby Lorene Hurt. 


DOUBLE: Mother & Son
Owens, Sylvia Ellerman Purcell      Sep. 20, 1907 - Apr. 12, 1967. Daughter of John H. Ellerman & Belle Grant Freeman. Married 1st Vernon A. Purcell. Married 2nd Floyd Owens.
Purcell, Leon     Jul. 14, 1942 - May 13, 1970. Son of Vernon A. Purcell & Sylvia Ellerman. Married Rebecca Todd 28 Dec 1968.


Pankey, Frank H.     1876 – 1940. Son of Unknown Pankey & Mary S. Carroll. Married Anna Burkes 24 Jul 1892 Shannon Co MO. MO Death Cert.#31785 has a Frank Pankey died in Cole County, Sept. 1940. Father of Pearl M. (m. Elijah L. 'Lige' Thomas); Barbie and Effie Belle Pankey.


Patterson, Eva Ann     Oct. 3, 1911 - Apr. 20, 1936.


Patterson, Nancy Catherine Staples     Died Dec. 12, 1932.  Age. 45. Widow of F. Patterson. Cause of death influenza. Informant E. W. Staples, West Eminence. MO Death Cert.#42845: Died in Shannon Co MO. Burial Dec. 12. 1932.


Prater, Henry     Mar. 1, 1898 - Aug. 21, 1939. Son of Martin Dillard Prater (Morrison TN) & Mary Adeline Bates (Alton Oregon Co MO). MO Death Cert.#27763: Born Morrison, TN, Died at St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Louis. Informant Cecil Caswell, St Louis. Removal for burial Aug. 23, 1939.


DOUBLE: Married 31 Aug 1891 at Mammoth Ridge AR.

Prater, Martin Dillard     Jun. 23, 1865 – Jan. 12, 1935.  MO Death Cert.#4022: Born in TN; died Jan. 12, 1935 at Eminence, Shannon Co MO. (Marked out is Round Spring, Newton Twp). Son of Mose Prater (TN) & Eliza J. Elkins (TN). Informant Mrs. Cecil Caswell, St. Louis. Burial Jan. 13, 1935.

Prater, Mary Adeline Bates     Jun. 8, 1864 – May 1, 1947. MO Death Cert.#16113: Born Jun. 8, 1863 at Alton, Oregon Co MO; died at Ink, Shannon Co MO. Daughter of James Bates (KY) & Sarah Jane Yandle (KY). Informant Mrs. Cecil Caswell, St. Louis. Burial May 4, 1947.


Prater, Moses U.     Jul. 9, 1893 - Jun. 20, 1970. Married Eliza J. Elkins. Born in Tennessee.


Prater, Rosa     Mar. 27, 1869 - Jun. 5, 1958. (Sister or 2nd wife of Martin Dillard Prater?)



Ray, Jacob Henry Robert 'Jake'     Oct. 1, 1878 - Jun. 28, 1964.

Ray, Sarah Belle Huskey     Nov. 2, 1892 - May 25, 1925. MO Death Cert.#17104: Born Phelps Co MO; died May 19, 1925; age 33 yrs., 4 mos., 16 days. Daughter of Daniel Huskey & E. Kassuth (Phelps Co MO). Informant Jake Ray, Timber, MO; burial May 21, 1925.


Smith, Bennie B., Jr.     Oct. 1, 1941 - Oct. 5, 1941.


Smith, Infant    No dates.


Smith, Janet Marie      Born & died Dec. 14, 1947. 'Daughter of Wilma & Leslie Smith.'


Smith, May Wood     Jan. 1, 1891 - Apr. 4, 1909. Daughter of Marion 'Frank' Wood & Sarah Jane Sisco.


Stevan, Arta     Sep. 27, 1873 - Jun. 1, 1940. Wife of David Stevan. MO Death Cert.#29850 has Arie B. Stevens died Jul, 1940 Shannon Co.


Strickland, Mahalia E.     Jul. 16, 1868 - Jun. 16, 1876. Daughter of D. & L. E. Strickland.


Swiney, Clifford Harold     1925 – 1997. 'Pfc. US Army World War II.' Son of Harrison M. Swiney & Gladys Morrison.


Swiney, Daniel ‘Elmer’     Mar. 24, 1907 - Apr. 6, 1959. Son of James M. Swiney & Margaret E. 'Mag' Chrisco. Married Mary Boxx.


Swiney, George Thomas     Aug. 13, 1894 - Jan. 10, 1953. ‘Missouri Pvt. Co. K 354 Inf. 89 Div. World War I.'  Son of James M. Swiney & Margaret E. 'Mag' Chrisco. MO Death Cert.#869: Informant Elmer Swiney, Salem, MO. Burial Jan. 12, 1953.


Swiney, Gerald L.     Only Date Jun. 26, 1938. Son of Harrison M. Swiney & Gladys Morrison.


Swiney, Gladys Morrison      Mar. 14, 1907 - Sep. 10, 1989. Daughter of George Edward 'Ed' Morrison & Laura Lillian Redwine.
Swiney, Harrison M. 'Harry      Feb. 18, 1902 - Nov. 30, 1943. Son of James M. Swiney & Margaret E. 'Mag' Chrisco. MO Death Cert.#43608: died in St Francois Co MO. Parents of Carl (m. Beulah Brim); Clifford 'Harold'; Roger & Gerald L. Swiney.


DOUBLE: Married 25 Dec 1887 Shannon Co MO.

Swiney, James M.     Jan. 2, 1865 - Jan. 26, 1932.

Swiney, Margaret C. ‘Mag’ Chrisco     Jul. 26, 1868 - Jan. 21, 1947. Daughter of John Jacob Chrisco & Nancy Isabella Hurt. MO Death Cert.#7557: gives year of death as 1946. Son of J. J. Chrisco & Nancy Hart. Informant Tom Swiney, Gladden, MO. Burial Jan. 23, 1946. Parents of Della May (m. George Burks); George Thomas (m. Golda Deatherage); Bertha A. (m. Herbert James Arthur Hill); Harrison M. 'Harry' (m. Gladys Morrison) & Daniel Elmer (m. Mary Boxx).


Thomas, Chrystine Mable     May 24, 1935 - Apr. 4, 1936.


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 20 Jul 1913 Shannon Co MO.

Thomas, Elijah L. ‘Lige’      Oct. 11, 1887 - Apr. 3, 1975. Son of Joseph Thomas & Evaline Burns.

Thomas, Pearl M. Pankey     Dec. 20, 1893 - Nov. 16, 1950. Daughter of Frank H. Pankey & Anna Burkes. [Note: Tombstone has Eliga Thomas] MO Death Cert.#36582: Of Turtle, MO. Burial Nov. 18, 1950. Parents of Cleo; James; Lennis; Inez; Virgil; Edith; Eunice & Clifford Clyde (m. Estelle Unknown).


Thompson, Anna     May 8, 1878 - Jul. 9, 1910.



Tighe, Bertha E. Lee     May 26, 1893 - Nov. 7, 1960.

Tighe, John Claude     Feb. 2, 1891 - Sep. 7, 1958.


Tighe, William Thomas 'Bill'    Sep. 14, 1921 (or 1923) – Mar. 25, 1926. Son of John Claude Tighe (Boone Co MO) & Bertha Lee (Phelps Co MO). MO Death Cert.#7772: Born Dent Co MO; died at Salem, Dent Co MO. Cause of death, accidental gunshot wound. Informant, John Tighe, Rector, MO; burial Mar. 26, 1926.


Vines, Cora Essie    Oct. 17, 1869 - Jul. 8, 1962.      Believed to be buried here, no marker.


W. W. (Unknown)     Initials only, no dates.


Warren, Danny Ray      Jan. 25, 1947 - Mar. 8, 1995. Danny Ray Warren was the son of Laurel Allen Warren and Slyvia May Light.  (Corrected by Carol Piatt 7/1/08


HUSBAND & WIFE: Married March 15, 1931
Warren, Laurel Allen      Dec. 22, 1911 - Jan. 17, 1972. Son of Walter Lee Warren & Alice Janie Heaton. Born in Shannon Co MO, died in Dent Co MO.
Warren, Sylvia May Light      Jul. 7, 1916 - Dec. 23, 1993.


Warren, Samuel A.     Dec. 22, 1911 - Jan. 17, 1992.     No marker. 


Welch, Arthur Gordon     Dec. 4, 1907 - May 24, 1938. Son of Richard Harvey Welch (Dent Co MO) & Ola Lewis (Texas Co MO).  MO Death Cert.#19203: Born Dec. 4, 1906 at Rector, Shannon Co MO, died at Rolla, Phelps Co MO. Husband of Mamie Welch. Informant Richard H. Welch. Burial May 27th.


DOUBLE: Married 16 Apr 1899 Texas Co MO.
Welch, Ola Lewis Wood     Feb. 22, 1880 - Apr. 14, 1982. Born Summersville Shannon Co MO. She married Marion Frank Wood 07 Jul 1957.
Welch, Richard Harvey      Sep. 12, 1878 - Mar. 21, 1943. Son of James R. Welch & Mary Summers. MO Death Cert.#11643, died in Shannon Co MO.


Wilson, Unknown      Feb. 18, 1879 - Jul. 5, 1885. No marker.


Wilson, Unknown     Dates & Name Illegible. MO Death Cert.#27973 has a Lotis Lee Wilson, Jan. 6, 1922 – Sep. 5, 1926. Son of (looks like) Linn Wilson & Melissa Warren. Informant Walter Warren, Timber MO; burial Sep. 6, 1926 at Timber MO.


DOUBLE: Married June, 1903.
Wood, Artie Mae Parker      May 11, 1887 - Feb. 12, 1961.
Wood, William W.      Aug. 25, 1880 – May 26, 1939. Son of Marion Frank Wood & Sarah Jane Sisco. MO Death Cert.#19594: Age 59 yrs. 2 mos. 29 days, died May 26, 1939 at Bunker, Reynolds Co MO. Born at Norwood, MO. Informant Stella Dallas, Rochester, PA. Burial May 27, 1939. Parents of William Henry; Franklin; Stella; Vernon & Dorothy Wood.


DOUBLE: Married Jan. 12, 1952.
Wood, Beulah 'Icelene' Hurt      Feb. 27, 1931 - Aug. 15, 1986. Daughter of William Joseph 'Bill' Hurt & Bertha Loretta Blake.
Wood, Rudolph F.      Oct. 11, 1914 - Jun. 23, 2002. Son of Charles Edward Wood & Ethel Shoults. Parents of Kathy Elaine Wood (m. Ralph Dean Williams).


Wood, Charles Edward      Apr. 23, 1887 - Sep. 4, 1953. Son of Marion Frank Wood & Sarah Jane Sisco. MO Death Cert.#31403: Born Apr. 23, 1880 at Douglas Co MO; died at rural Spring Creek, Dent Co MO. Informant Ethel Woods, Salem, MO. Burial Sep. 7, 1953.
Wood, Ethel Shouts      Dec. 31, 1887 - Dec. 19, 1979. Born Shannon Co MO; died St James Phelps Co MO.


Wood, Chesley J.      Nov. 3, 1908 - Mar. 25, 1999. Son of Charles Edward Wood & Ethel Shoults.
Wood, Opal W. Welch      Jul. 28, 1912 - Feb. 9, 1993. Daughter of Richard Harvey Welch & Ola Lewis.


Wood, Clarence      May 10, 1896 - May 15, 1918. Son of Marion Frank Wood & Sarah Jane Sisco. Married Neva (or Eva) Casey 03 Jan 1918 Shannon Co MO. Father of Irene Wood. 


Young, Delmer     Jul. 7, 1908 - Aug. 16, 1963. ‘Missouri, Pfc., Co., B, 83 Armored Med. Bn., World War II.' Son of George Alexander Young & Sarah Elizabeth Wood. 


DOUBLE: Married October 1907
Young, George Alexander      Dec. 31, 1881 - May 22, 1937.     Son of James W. Young & Sarah Ellen Copeland. MO Death Cert.#21499: Died at Eminence. Informant Rufus Dodson, Eminence. Burial May 23, 1937.

Young, Sarah Elizabeth Wood     Jan. 4, 1890 - Jan. 20, 1975.     Daughter of Marion Frank Wood & Sarah Jane Sisco.  


Young, Isaac Joshua     1905 – May 17, 1939.     Son of William Henry Young & Tempa Elaine Potts. MO Death Cert.#18641: Born Jun. 20, 1905, Eminence, MO; died at Springfield, Green Co MO. Informant Mrs. Lucille Young, Springfield. Burial May 19, 1939.


Young, Mayme     Oct. 1, 1909 - May 31, 1911.


Young, Ruby Irene     May 13, 1916 - Aug. 2, 1939.     Daughter of William Henry Young & Tempa Elaine Potts. MO Death Cert.#30357: Born May 13, 1917 – Died Aug. 3, 1939. Informant Lottie Wilkins, Eminence. Burial Aug. 4, 1939.


Young, Infant     No dates, no marker.     Child of William Henry Young & Tempa Elaine Potts. 


Young, Tempa Elaine Potts      Dec. 7, 1879 - Mar. 31, 1940.     Daughter of Isaac Joshua 'Josh' Potts & Barbara Theresa Pankey. MO Death Cert.#16031 lists death March, 1941 in Shannon Co MO.
Young, William Henry      Jul. 19, 1876 - Mar. 6, 1936.     Son of James W. Young (ND) & Sarah 'Ellen' Copeland (ND). MO Death Cert.#12175 has born Jul. 19, 1870 in North Dakota. Died at St Francois Co MO. Informant Hospital Records, burial Mar. 8, 1936 at Sinkin.


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