Organization of First Baptist Church

Eminence, Missouri

Compiled and transcribed by Betty Sue SCONCE RADER
Submitted by Lanita SCONCE MILLER
From First Baptist Church
Eminence Record Books

                        Charter Members    AM Service
        "September 29, 1915. J. C. Sconce, J. A. Capps, Nora Orchard, H.
C. Meade, Cora Meade, Martha Smith, Mary Sconce, Telitha Barnett, Mary
Chitwood, Frank L. Capps, N. T. Smith and Mrs. Mrs. N. T. Smith, J. C.
Boyd and Mrs. A. E. Orchard, as Missionary Baptist met at the Union
Church house in Eminence, Mo. for the purpose of organizing a Missionary
Baptist Church. 

        The house was called to order and Bro. J. H. C. Sconce elected
Moderator pro tem and H. C. Meade elected Clerk pro tem and proceeded to
organize by reading letters of the above named Brothers and Sisters, and
by adopting Church Covinant and extending the right hand of fellowship.

        Then proceeded to elect H. C. Meade perminant Clerk.
        Motion was made and second to adjourn until Wednesday night
October 13, 1915 for the purpose of electing a Moderator for the coming

                                        H. C. Meade
                                        Church Clerk

        "I think it very appropriate to write a few lines in memory of
our beloved Sister, Mrs. Mary Sconce, wife of Bro.John Sconce who was
our Pastor for 20 yrs.  We have indeed lost a very useful member.  She
was always ready to do her share, or even more than her share in any
kind of church work.  She was a member of our W.M.S. and was so faithful
until the last, sending her offerings long after she was confined to her
wheel chair. We know that although she has gone on, her good works will
live on."  Her funeral was preached in the Baptist Church by Rev. James
Shields March 16, 1944."
                                                Mattie Orchard, Clerk  

Obituary of Rev. J. H. C. Sconce

        "On June 14, 1945, one of our beloved members, Rev. J. H. Sconce
passed away. Bro. Sconce had been Pastor of the Eminence Baptist Church
for 21 years and was loved and admired by all who knew him. We can't say
enough for his loyalty to the church and the Kingdom work in general.
He was always ready to try to help some one in need both spiritually and
temporally. In the passing of Bro. Sconce, the denomination has lost a
loyal supporter and the people of this community have lost a loyal
friend but the effects of his good works will last through
Mattie Orchard

Preached by E.N. Webb, missionary to Howell, Oregon, & Shannon Co.  June
17, 1945



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