Velma D. Weaver Weaver Allmon was born in Winona, Missouri on August 18, 1926. She was the third child born to Oscar E. Weaver and Mary D. Matthews Weaver. After graduating from Southwest Missouri State University with a degree in education, Velma taught in the Winona School system for thirty years before retiring. She is included in the Who’s Who list of Missouri Educators. She was a member of Missouri State Teacher’s Association and the Missouri State Library Association. Velma was also a member of several clubs and organizations including the Winona Study Club, Eastern Star and Friends of the Library. She served on the Missouri State Library Board and was instrumental in enhancing the Winona Library. Velma was a member of the Winona Christian Church and would help anyone in need while supporting the church mission. Velma was always available to help when her school needed her. She would often take students on school trips through the Beta Club. Many students were touched by her keen ability to motivate them to aspire to a higher calling. She was a no nonsense teacher whom the students had utmost respect. Many of her students today would say, “Ms. Allmon was the best teacher I had while attending Winona High School”. 







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