July 7, 1938
Had Been Fishing - Drowns Trying to Swim Across Pond

   Last Sunday afternoon while swimming in the pond on his uncles' farm at the west edge of Winona, Danny Lewis was drowned. Just what caused him to drown is not known. He had been fishing with several others and with Cecil Pyrtle had started to swim across the pond. About half way across he was seen to sink. He came up once and made two or three strokes before sinking the second time. He made no outcry and apparently did not make much of a struggle although a piece of bark was found clutched in his hand after the body was removed from the water.
     Although the water was only about six and a half feet deep where he went down there was no one on hand who could swim good enough to reach him before he sank the second time.
     Several had gathered at the pond to fish and had made a drag around the edge but had no luck and had given up when Danny and Cecil decided to swim across the pond.
     Danny's uncle, R. C. Brown with whom Danny made his home had warned the boys to be careful while swimming in the pond and said that Danny was none too good a swimmer.
     The body was under water for some thirty-five or forty minutes before it was found. Dr. Rollins who had been summoned and had arrived before the body was found, with the help of others did everything that could be done to revive him but the lungs had collapsed and nothing could be done.
     Danny, who moved to Winona last February with his uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Brown, from Loma, Colorado, graduated from the Winona High School this year. He had made his home with his uncle and aunt since the death of his mother in 1929.
     They moved to Winona for Mr. Brown's health, locating on the old Nowels place at the west edge of town.
     Danny, who was 17 years old, made many friends while in Winona and his drowning was quite a shock.
     Short funeral services were held at the home Monday morning and the body was taken to Mystic, Iowa for burial.
     He leaves to mourn his death his father E. E. Lewis, who is working in the west, a brother, Maurice Lewis, a sister Mrs. Lee Dallon, both of Roseville, Mich., and his uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Brown.








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