29 Feb 1860 - 08 Apr 1962


The Current Wave
Shannon Co MO Newspaper, 1962

'Nanny' and two sisters, Nancy Emily and Sarah Margaret, were orphaned at a very early age. The father was killed in the Civil War, fighting for the South, in 1863. The mother died of pneumonia at their home in West Eminence in 1868. She was buried in a graveyard near the home.

Nanny was adopted by Daniel & Jessie Dye. Dan was the first postmaster in Eminence, and donated land for the Old Eminence Cemetery. Nanny was educated in Eminence and Thomasville; she went to school in the first school built in Eminence. Supt. Carr encouraged her to teach. She taught in the Pike Creek & Delaware townships.

In 1883 she located her grandfather, Joseph Atterbury, and went to Texas to live with him. There met and married widower Annias Powhatten Hudson, father of Alice Dorenda by prior marriage, age 6. In 1887 they came to Missouri. They traveled seven weeks in two covered wagons, with Nanny handling the wagon pulled by mules. They camped in the Red River Valley, which was strewn with animal carcasses and wreckage of wagons left by marauding Indians.

They homesteaded land on Little Shawnee and here their children were born, here also, Nanny established the Shawnee Post Office. Later they moved to the Rocky vicinity and she established the Flip Post Office (the name of a favorite dog of Nanny's, 'Flip' being submitted and accepted as a name for the post office). Each time she petitioned for a post office she rode several times on horseback to get signers for the petition.

Annias was a good shoe cobbler, Nanny made linsey-woolsey for their clothing. Gardens and livestock kept them well fed, going to town about once a year.

They moved to El Dorado, Kansas and lived there several years, where Annias died almost six months after the death of their grandson, Powell Hudson Bales, who had died at the El Dorado Hospital.

Nanny came back to Eminence to live with her daughter, Jesse Aleen Bales, until her marriage to William T. Hudson (she was 79), who also preceded her in death.

Nanny was blind, hard of hearing and crippled from the results of two broken hips on which she had surgery after she was 95 and 98 years of age, but still very sharp of mind. She died at the age of 102 years of age in Eminence, Missouri.

NOTES: Her father may have been Edmond Atterbury.
Her husband's name is also seen spelled Anananias.
She was born 29 Feb 1860 at Gatewood, Missouri and died 08 Apr 1962 at Eminence Shannon Co MO.
She was the mother of Jessie Alene Hudson (14 Sep 1895 - 24 May 1973), who married Andrew Powell 'Hillbilly Andy' Bales,
and son Annis Powhatton (also seen as Annias Pauhaton) Hudson, who married Jennie Mary Swiney.

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