Twelve Lives Were Lost in the Recent Missouri Flood.

Crops Ruined and Bridges Washed Away and Many Cattle Killed – Much Damage Done by a Tornado in Iowa.

WINONA, Mo., July 8. – The results of the recent cloudburst at this point can now be estimated with a reasonable degree of accuracy. The flood has left a scene of desolation and a menace to the health of the living from the presence of hundreds of dead horses, cattle, hogs, and other stock. For miles below the town are strewn the carcasses, mingled with wagons, household furniture, organs, and other property, which was swept away with the dwellings by the torrent of water.


The loss of human life is placed at a dozen to a certainty, all but one of the victims being known. The bodies have been recovered with the exception of that of Lloyd Wright’s daughter. No arrangements have yet been made for the burial of the victims.


As usual in cases of calamity, men and women have come to seize and appropriate as their own all the movable property which they can lay their hands on.


This region is so mountainous that wagons can hardly make connection, and there is a big gap in the railroad bed, caused by the flood. The Fort Scott Railroad officials came to Winona on a special train this evening to do what they could for the flood-stricken people. Trains were run from each end of the Current River Branch, as far as the gap, thus establishing railroad communication for the first time since the disaster.


During the flood, a man was lowered from the bluff by a rope, and when a human form was whirled past he jumped into the water and carried the body ashore, assisted by men on the bluff. In this way he rescued three from death, and recovered two bodies.


The following business houses and stocks were destroyed:


A. Carter Lumber Company, building carried 100 yards and goods damaged $2,000; Mrs. A. G. Scranton, millinery, building and stock, loss $1,500; J. J. Brown, three buildings destroyed with contents; loss, $2,000. Church & Kissell, building and stock damaged $500.


Many other business houses were damaged. The following persons lost their dwellings:


Thomas McCandles, William Howell, George Jordan, Ulysses Randolph, John Norris (drowned), George Hayden, (four houses), J. Hensley, John Chilton, Joseph Miller, the Rev. C. W. Duncan, (drowned), D. W. Van, Dr. Holmes, George Farris, Crandall Robertson, Mr. Lloyd, Thomas Galbraith.


The Barr Hotel, the Pettit House, and Lewis & Sill’s Hotel were also badly damaged. Hardly a building, except those in the suburbs and on high ground, escaped being flooded.


Winona, according to the last census, had 602 population. It was the largest town in Shannon County, although it was not the county seat.


Another storm swept this territory yesterday and about 9 o’clock in the evening a severe earthquake shock was felt in Springfield and its vicinity. Houses shook and windows rattled, but no serious damage was reported.


The New York Times

Published: July 9, 1895








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