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Thursday, July 31, 1924

Miss Cura Ellerman, 19, of 1525 Olive Street, was fatally crushed under an auto, after a collision at Twentieth and Wash Streets at 12:40 o'clock yesterday morning.
Miss Ellerman, her sister Sylvia, 18, Della and Dona Akins, sisters aged 15 and 21, respectively, residing at 1414 Olive Street, Claude Grogan, 21, and Otho Morton, 22, both of 6216 Lenox Avenue, St. Louis County, were passengers in an automobile driven by Charles H. Smith, 21, of 509 South Fourth Street, East St. Louis. They were driving north on Twentieth Street when, at its intersection  with Wash Street, they were struck by a car driven by Warren D Largy, 22, a salesman, of 3843 Maffit Avenue.
Smith's care was hurled across the street and its occupants were pinned beneath. All of the party, including De Largy, were taken to the City Hospital and were treated for their injuries. Miss Ellerman sustained a fractured skull and died at 5:20 o'clock yesterday morning at the hospital. Others in the party were permitted to return to their homes yesterday afternoon. De Largy and Smith being taken first to the Carr Street Police Station where they were charged with felonious wounding. They were released on bond for appearance at the Coroner's Inquest, which will be held at 9 o'clock this morning. ----- Globe Democrat.

The Misses Cura and Sylvia Ellerman are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Ellerman who live on Barren Fork in the North part of this county. The Ellerman family were notified on Sunday of the fatal accident.








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