Emancipator and Free American

December 14, 1843
Murder in Missouri: S. B. WINGO, Esq., sheriff of Shannon County, Missouri,  by virtue of an execution, levied on property belonging to a man named MOYRES, and set the 31st of August for the sale of it; while, on that day, as he was proceeding to the place of sale, MOYRES had hid himself on the road on which Wingo had to pass and shot him through the body. Wingo was in a few minutes after receiving the shot found, but was unable to speak and soon died. Memorial


Dallas Weekly Herald


February 9, 1878

Gold in Shannon County, Missouri  

Rolla Herald: Mr. MORGAN WILLIAM, living south of Rolla, informs us that Rev. J. S. SPRINGER stayed with him a few nights since and reports the discovery of large deposits of gold and silver on Sinking Creek, Shannon County, and that some 20 men are mining for it, among them Dr. KIRKMAN of Spring Valley. Mr. Springer stated that the miners took out a thousand dollars worth of ore in three or four days. An old man named MAPLES is said to have been secretly working the mine for several years. The men now at work got a lease of the land and took possession, though MAPLES tried to prevent them. They drove him out and he is mining near by on other land.


St. Louis Republic


June 13, 1880

Escaped Punishment

WESLEY GARRISON, the young ex-moonshiner who was arrested in Shannon County, Missouri,  sometime ago on the charge of illegally selling whiskey, was brought to the U. S. District Court yesterday for trial.

St. Louis Republic

August 22, 1889

JAMES WRIGHT of Winona, Shannon County, was arranged before commissioner CRAWFORD yesterday, charged with dealing in manufactured tobacco and retailing without a government license.

St. Louis Republic

August 31, 1889

JOHN JAMISON of Bartlett, Shannon County, was arraigned yesterday before commissioner CRAWFORD for dealing in liquor without a license, and for selling tobacco with having the special tax.

St. Louis Republic

September 18, 1889

JESSIE WALLACE filed her petition for divorce against JOSEPH T. WALLACE, through JEFF D. STORTS, the Shannon County,  barrister. She alleges that during their married life, the defendant frequently beat and choked her, called her vile names and accused her of adultery.


St. Louis Republic

July 2, 1890

Piedmont, Mo., July 1: THEODORE PARSONS, who last week it was charged, killed BEN COLLINS and his five year old son, was taken by a mob and hurried in the southern edge of Shannon County,  near where he committed the murder. He remained stolid and indifferent to the last. A card was pinned on the body forbidding anyone taking the body down under penalty of being hung up in his place.

St. Louis Republic

October 30, 1895

Brought Here from Shannon County,

PETE SUMMERS and BILL RENFROW, two residents of Shannon County, were yesterday lodged in jail at the Four Courts to await trial for moonshining. They were arrested yesterday by deputy marshals QUAYLE and FITZPATRICK of this city and taken to Poplar Bluff where they waived hearing before commissioner O’BRYAN and jailed.



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