The Current Wave
                                                                    Thursday, December 31, 1925

George Brown, well-known farmer of Texas County, and three of his sons were burned to death in a fire which occurred at the Brown home nine miles west of Cabool early Sunday morning. The victims of the tragedy were George Brown, 47 years old; Carl Brown, 12 y ears old; Marlow Brown, 9 years old. The mother and second oldest son, Tom, were saved.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Carl were sleeping downstairs and the three boys were sleeping upstairs. A large heating stove was being used on the second floor and it is believed the fire originated from the stove. A fireplace was being used on the lower floor, but it is believed the fire started upstairs.

The father and Carl Brown discovered the fire first and proceeded to take Mrs. Brown out of the house. Mrs. Brown is in poor health and her condition was made more serious from the exposure. After helping remove his mother from the burning house, Carl went upstairs to awaken his brothers. The father started upstairs a few minutes later, but was caught on the stairway when part of the second floor gave way and crashed through. The father was surrounded by flames on all sides and was unable to escape.

Carl Brown succeeded in assisting Tom Brown, 18 years old, through a window to safety. Tom was to stand under the window and catch the two smaller boys as Carl helped them through the window. Carl, however, was overcome by the fire and smoke and perished before being able to rescue the two younger boys.

Each of the four bodies was badly charred and when found they were beyond recognition.

The tragedy yesterday morning marked the fifth death to occur at the Brown home in the past week. Anderson Brown, father of George Brown, died last week following a lingering illness.

An unusually hot fire was being kept in the stove upstairs to keep a large quantity of canned fruit from freezing.

The house and all contents were entirely destroyed. Several neighbors were attracted the Brown home by the flames, but little could be done.







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