July 27, 1939

      Dorothy Albert, 14 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mart Albert, both deceased, drowned Sunday afternoon at the mouth of McCormick on Eleven Points River.
     Dorothy, a little cousin four years old, Unice Haynes and a Haynes boy just four years old, were off to their selves playing in the water. Dorothy stepped in a hole over her head and drowned. She came to the surface seven times but help was too far away.
     Attempts were made to take her from the water but they failed until two hours later when Henry Hass, life guard of New Liberty CCC Camp 1731 brought the body up with the aid of a loaf of bread to locate her.
     Dorothy had made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Earl West since the death of her  mother.
     Funeral services were held at the Falling Springs Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.
     We understand this drowning occurred in the upper end of what is known as the Boom Hole on Eleven Points River and reminds us that it is never safe to play in the water at the upper end of any hole. There the current is constantly pushing one toward the deeper water and also the shallow water ends abruptly letting one step from comparatively shallow water into water over ones' depth. None but strong swimmers should play in the upper end of water holes. Always play safe by using the lower ends of the water holes where the depth increases more gradual and the current does not drag you in.
Dorothy (
22 Sep 1924 - 23 Jul 1939) was the daughter of Martin Lynn 'Mart' Albert (30 Jan 1890 - 10 Sep 1928) & Nancy Adeline Snelson (26 Jun 1894 - 20 Jun 1936). She had a sister, Elphia Imojean 'Imo' Albert. Dorothy & her parents are buried at Falling Spring Cemetery Oregon Co MO. After Dorothy's father died her mother remarried to Charles Homer Neal. She died in childbirth as did an infant daughter.








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