Orion Adkins Shoots His Son by Mistake, Killing Him Instantly.............

The Current Wave
Thursday, Jan. 8, 1914

Just as we go to press we learn that O. R. Adkins, who lives about three miles from Bunker, shot and instantly killed his fourteen year old son Wednesday night about nine o'clock.
Adkins claims that he was awakened suddenly and hearing someone moving around in the room, seized his shotgun and fired, thinking that the intruder was a robber. He had been to the bank the day before and had drawn out a considerable amount of money to pay his expenses to St. Louis to see his eldest son who is in the hospital being treated for an injury received a month ago while running a hand car on the Bunker Culler Lumber Company's tramway.
It is said that Adkins was crazy the night of the shooting but was sane enough the next morning. His wife died less than a year ago and the hospital physicians in St. Louis say there is no possible hope of his eldest son's recovery, and it is though that these troubles may have unbalanced his mind.
Adkins is about 45 years of age and has several small children at home. He has been working at Shively's sawmill for several months.  -- Ellington Press







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