THE CURRENT WAVE - Thursday, January 10, 1929
Horrible Accident Occurred Friday When Their Home on the Ike Hicks farm Burned

One of the most appalling accidents ever happening in Shannon County was last Friday morning when three little boys, ages 4, 3 and 1 years, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hicks, lost their lives in a fire which destroyed their home six miles south of Eminence on highway No. 19.
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The father was at the home of his mother assisting another brother in working on a car. The mother left the little fellows while she went for a bucket of water at the same place which is only some 1OO to ISO yards away. She had gotten the water and started home when she discovered the house was on fire. The father ran as fast as he could and succeeded in entering one room of the house, which was full of smoke, but when he attempted to go into the other room he was met with a wall of flames and smoke which made it impossible for him to enter. His head and face were burned before he got back, and he was fortunate to get out himself.
The mother was gone but a few minutes when the fire was discovered and it is thought that the house was on fire in the attic when she left. The house was pine lumber and had several thicknesses of paper on the walls and when the fire broke through it is thought to have all caught almost at the same minute.
Sheriff J.D. Norton drove up to the scene, arriving almost as soon as the parents. It was hard to restrain the frantic mother from entering the building which would have meant almost instant death to her. Sheriff Norton drove quickly to town notifying neighbors as he went. Several cars left Eminence quickly and arrived there before the house had hardly fallen in. They, with the neighbors, soon removed the burned torsos from the fire, The scene was appalling and the frantic and almost crazed grief of the parents brought the bravest to tears.
Funeral and burial was held Saturday morning at Munsell Chapel. The three little bodies were buried in one grave.









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