1962 Death Certificates Index


    Adams, Mary Francis Cox   Hicks, Paul Roy   McCall, Mary Rector
    Ball, Arron Alexander   Hilton, Samantha P. 'Nannie' Atterberry Hudson  Article   Mitchell, Cecil M
    Blunkall, Jerry Dale son of Earl Blunkall & June Culpepper   Holley, Cora Swift Steele   Morgan, Thomas James 'Tom'
    Brown, John Thomas   Honeycutt, Kenneth Edward infant of Ernest Honeycutt & Christena Counts   Morton, Mehulda R. Mintie Fowler
    Clayton, Edward Charles   Hubbs, James Clark   Mowery, Even
    Cooper, Jesse Jossire   Hunt, Mary E. Mahan   Nicholson, Oscar Melvin
    Counts, Charles Albert   Lynch, William David Lee   Pummill, Lucy 'Atlanta' Ware
    Demster, Ernest J.   Mahan, Martha J. Conley   Smith, William Delmer
    Ferguson, Bessie Lee Rosa   Malone, Carrie May Pierce   Sweeney, Margaret F. Blunkall
    Funk, William   Martin, Harve G.   Willhite, William
    Goforth, Henry Alfred   Maxvill, William Henry   Wilson, Angela Grace  infant of June Bell Wilson
    Griggs, Mary Jane Hyle   McCall, Austin   Young, Fredrick William




Death Certificates Index




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