1961 Shannon County Death Certificates


Allen, Mattie Custer [buried at Eminence]

Cowen, Rachel Elizabeth Voyles

Hurst, Pearl A Atkins Salzwedel, Sarah Elizabeth Herren

Asberry, Theresa Larene Mize

Cox, Andrew Jackson

Johnson, Charles Columbus

Sands, Frances Hodges

Bland, Jerry

DePriest, Albert Hayden Kile, Roy Lee Scarbrough, Ollie Mae
Bockman, Grover Cleveland DePriest, John Homer

Layman, Lettie Rae

Smotherman, Mary Ellen Harris
Bockman, John William

Elkins, Minnie Madewell

Lee, Lillie Mae McNeal Snider, Nora May Belford
Bockman, Roy Everett

Ellison, Willie Ethel Waddle

Lyon, Chester A Stephens, Josephine P Miller

Bradford, William Neeley

Fisher, Stanley Eugene McCall, Minnie Stone Stewart, Jessie
Breeden, Martha Marsh Williams

Frazier, Harriet Ann Morgan

McLaughlin, Pearl Emily McAvoy Summer, Walter Andrew

Burnett, Lola Chasten

Goforth, Mallissie C Mooney

Melton, John Franklin 'Johnny' Usery, Lowery Pascal

Campbell, Charles Artie

Goodwin, Pem Eugene Oberzalek, Francis Cervenka Warren, Jessie James
Chilton, Minnie Lee Russell Happy, Mayme B. Phelps, Goldman Anderson Watts, Lillie Pearl

Chilton, Nelson

Harper, Nola G Lowdermilk Pierce, Lewis Jefferson Weaver, James Ira
Clifton, Katharine Grace Fisher Harron, Edward William Powell, Effie Mae Thompson Webber, Dellia Enloe

Cochran, James Hardin

Harrow, Walter Jay Powell, William Robert West, Ira

Conner, Richard W

Hensley, Rosie Etna Pierce Roots, Peter Preston Yeates, Charles Clifford (or Yates)

Counts, Margaret Emma Nash

Hunt, William Silas

Rosenburg, Fary C. Young, Vincent Martin

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