1958 Death Certificates Index


Adams, Walter Pear Counts, George Washington Magness, Mary Lou Rutledge, Luther Edgar
Atkins, Chet Cowen, Elsie Mansfield, Mary I. Poppino Smith, Harvey
Banks, Mary Deatherage Davis, Tennie Jo Malone Mash, Martha E. Summers Snider, Mary Jane Oliver
Barnes, Cullen Deatherage, Rosa Ann McAfee, Roy Hubert Starks, George Riley
Bay, Ada Campbell Ferguson, Homer V. McIntire, Walter Staton, Amanda J. Cox
Birge, Nancy M. Cooper Ferguson, James Bryant McLauglin, Louis Elmer Strohmeyer, Clarence Earl
Bowden, Charles Foulk, Lester Patterson, Robert E. Summitt, Versia Lee Nichols
Burnett, James Edmon Garber, Charley Wells Perkins, Homer Alan Sutherland, James Manuel
Busby, Martha Ann Thomas Goldsmith, Daniel W. Rader, Sarah J. Honeycutt Tuttle, William Henry
Cafourek, Antonia Sebastia Holden, Archie Clare Randolph, Ollie F. Colyott Vance, Sarah A. Kirkman
Campbell, Sarah Ashworth Holden, Luella C. Wilbanks Randolph, William Cicero
(of West Plains)
Wallace, James Asa
Caven, Alleyne B. Christian Huffman, Bert Riley, John Bent Williams, John Luther
 Chilton, Ralph Jones, Sarah E. Vermillion Ritchey, Donald Gene Yearwood, Fred Oscar
Clemons, Perlina J. Mayberry Lawson, Mary Ellen House Ritchey, Katherine L. Koller  

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