1955 Shannon County Death Certificates

Beam, Lillian E. Ebel

Campbell, Charles Houston

Cape, Ernest Charles 

Conway, Benjamin D.

Conway, Earl E.

Cooper, Sarah Ann Yearwood 

Dent, Sarah Jane

Despain, Julia Spence

DeWeese, Charley Worth 

Dickerson, John Albert 

Dickerson, William H. 

Entenman, William Herbert

Fry, Katie Elizabeth Jones


Garber, Clara Marie Beavers 

George, Alice Belle Cox 

Goforth, Lilly May Surber

Goodman, George 

Gore, Fannie Emaline Johnston 

Halbrook, Robert Wesley

Hawkins, Charles Cloe 

Honeycutt, Erasmus Allen 

Jones, James Harve 

Lynch, Charley 

McAfee, Myrtle Bowen 

McRoy, Samuel Thearron 

Moon, Sarah Ann Larkin 

Prewett, James S.

Renegar, Walter Lee

Sallee, Lidosha Francis Devine 

Scoville, Edmond Eugene

Shelton, Jole Granville 

Smith, Fannie Jane

Story, Jessie E. 

Sullivan, Jeremiah Thomas

Sullivan, Lida Aldora Carmichael 

Thompson, Stanley Edward 

Turner, Bessie Maude Foster 

Wolfe, Minnie



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