1954 Shannon County Death Certificates Index

Banks, Lonnie  Frey, Cecil Lafayette McBoyd, Mrs.

Barton, William H.

Hansford, Mitchell Wesley McClellen, Mary Ellen Marconett
Birlew, Sarah Evaline Anderson Herrell, Charles Fulton Melton, John Wesley
Black, Dora Howard Hines, Cora Jane Sellars Mitchell, Wesley Hansford
Brawley, George Alex Holm, Arkie Marjorie Boyer Perkins, Minervia Ellen Bell
Burrell, Fred Warren Holm, Corwin Earl Ploughman, Luther Davis
Chilton, Elizabeth Powell Howell, Hattie J. Perego Lindsey Pulliam, Edgar Lafayette
Chilton, Thomas J. Ipock, John Sartin, Edyth Vermillion
Cochran, Otis Marshall Keeling, James Alfred Searcy, Harry Edward
Copeland, Albert Sidney Kirkendall, Halley Spurgeon, Juritta Ann Potts
Dorman, Frank Lamkins, Lena Benton Williams Summers, Mary Jeanette Pyatt
Dowler, Lona Parker Light, Edgar Walker, Edwin Lila Rackley
Ellis, Ola P. Hess Martin, Cora Estelle Warren, Charles Alfred
Ernst, Otto William Mash, Roxy Elvin Young, George Edwin
    Young, Robert Calvin




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