1953 Shannon County Death Certificates

Ball, Simeon W. Frazier, Radley Owen Shelley, Margaret Elizabeth DePriest
Brawley, Charles Newton Griffith, George Edgar Shoup, Simon Peter
Bridgforth, Ledora Uzzell Henderson, Laura Price Hale Smotherman, Alfred Lee
Broce, Mary Angeline Lee Howell, Clara Ann Lanham Spacek, John E.
Byrd, Hugh Robert Hoyt, Albert Anderson Thomas, John Shade
Chilton, Mary Josephine Tripp Huffman, Hannah Emaline Smith Thomas, Missouri Clementine Busby
Clements, Edward Wondor Jones, Alex Hermond Thomas, Nancy Sadie Anna Rose
Cobine, Alex Jones, Della Mae Holm Thompson, George Washington
Comely, Frank Justus, Charles William Thompson, Opal Earnsteen Piatt
Cooper, Samuel Joseph Kiefer, Otto Phillip Warren, Walter Lee
Craft, Nancy Lucille Reed Ledbetter, Senthy Isabell Hensley Weaver, Benjamin Franklin
Deatherage, Alex Lutes, David C. Weaver, Lewis Griffith
Denning, Dwayne Norris, Otis Weaver, Lowell Irvin
Dix, Pauline Lillian Powell Rosenburg, Betty Elizabeth Lane   Memorial West, Lavada Goble
Engle, Charlotte June Selch, Harry Wallace Williams, Harry Lloyd Thomas
    Young, Bertha Flavilla Sinderson


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