1951 Shannon County Death Certificates

Anderson, Thomas Gilbert Davis, William Preston Munis, Frank Phillip
Bailey, Fred Deatherage, James Franklin Nash, Mary Ellen Dixon
Bailey, James Nicholas Derryberry, Boone Neal, Stella Alberta Cordrey
Baker, David Lyle Dunn, Rufus Allen Nichols, Lucinda Freeze
Banks, William Spencer Enloe, Sarah Elizabeth Piatt Phillips, Albert
Barnes, Odus Minor Ennis, Walter William Reeves, John Benjamin
Bilbrey, Maggie Erma Finch, John Frank Sloan, Charles Clinton
Birlew, William Levie Fursman, William Hiram Sloan, Margaret Louise Brown
Brooks, George Franklin Gant, Francis Marion Snider, Clarca Emeline Huddleston
Byrd, Mrs. Lucy
(Mother of Shirley Voyles)
Giesler, David Martin Stringer, Nancy Bell George
Chitwood, Clara E. Brooks Higdon, Joseph D. B. 'Joe' Summers, James Columbus
Chronister, Nancy J. Ross Hurt, William Woodrow Taylor, Attie
Coker, James Jackson, George M. Vanhorn, Betty Jean
Infant of Ray & Lorene (Steelman) Vanhorn
Conway, Charlie J. Lampkins, Pearl Brawley Woodworth, Mamie Neva Bland
Cooley, Joseph H. Martin, John David         Memorial Young, Margrett Lee
Child of Arthur & Dorotha (Summers) Young
Cox, Arthur Malcolm Martin, William E.      Memorial Younger, Jeanette Anna Brewer
Craig, Silas Henry McAfee, Brenda Kay
Child of Dennis & Marjorie (Koogler) McAfee
Dailey, Wiley McIver, Grace Lola Jones  


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