1949 Shannon County Death Certificates

Barnes, Lura Ellen Copeland

Hankins, Anna Alma Paasch

Pierce, John Edwin

Shelley, Daniel Boone

Breeden, Janett Sue

Howell, James J.

Plowman, William McKinley

Smotherman, Marion P.

Bruce, James Harold

King, William Leeper

Potter, Charles Marion

Smotherman, Ollie Hasty

Chilton, Charles Oscar

Krattley, Oma Eunice Williams

Pritchett, George

Stark, Nancy Ellen Gale

Chrisco, Sarah Elizabeth Willis

Kuehl, Alma W. Wiese

Provow, Isaac

Stewart, Alma Miranda

Cremeens, Amanda B. Stafford

Lewis, Anvil A.

Randolph, Harriet Mooney

Tinker, James Wesley

Dodson, Robert Younger

Martin, Kenneth Ray

Reary, Lydia Lenora Tabor

Voyles, Callaway H.

Dubbles, Lilbern Samuel

McCall, Fannie Counts    Memorial

Renfrow, Dona Kay

Voyles, James Marion
(Butler County)

Ebersole, Mary S. Schweitzer

McCrory, Mary E. Phillips

Reno, William Jackson

Wood,  Mary Elizabeth

Ferkol, Louis

Miller, Charles H.

Roberts, John Richman
Cert. says Richard but family members say Richman was his  middle name

Woodward, James Harvey

Greer, Sarah Ann Holmes

Mizell, George

Scoville, Richard Jay

Wright, William Peace


Young, Daniel Alexander


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