1945 Shannon County Death Certificates

Allman, William W.

Ellerman, Mary S. Washburn

Payton, Joseph William

Smith, Edith Myrtle Willard

Bolin, Joseph E.

Ellerman, Mathew Columbus

Piatt, Chester Eli

Smith, Mary Ann Rowe

Brickey, Henry B.

Griggs, Edson

Pierce, Mary Ann Lewis

Smith, Nettie B. Grimes

Cleaver, Sarah E. Birdwell

Hampton, Paul

Pogue, Isaac Lee

Sutton, Abiha

Conner, Ida Mae Brandon

Huffman, William Henry

Powell, Sarah K. Williams

Tarney, Phoebe Logan

Conway, Lillie Warren

Kemper, Robert Lee

Pulliam, Hannah Birlew

Tarter,  Ray E.

Conway, Martha Jane Goforth

Kile, James Nelson 'Jim'

Purcell, George C.

Thomas, Wesley Wade

Conway, Nola Marlus

Malone, James M.

Rollins, Ransom Russell

Thompson, Nancy E. Medley

Conway, Sina

Martin, Andrew J.

Rymers, Martin J.

Trent,  Mary M. Nichols

Cooley, William J.

Maxfield, Frank Warren

Searcy, Armenta J. Holloway

Watson, Charles H.

Cowan, Mary Eliza Crandall

McCabe, Ruby Lee Ferguson

Shedd, Hazel L. Richardson

Wilcox, Alma Carter

Dent, Polly Jane Adair

Nichols, James William

Shelley, Thomas S.

Wright, Amanda J. Griffith

Denton, Fitch

Nichols, Wilson

Short, Louisa C. Mitchell


Donley, George Harrison

Parrott, Josie Lee DePriest    


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