1944 Shannon County Death Certificates


Alcorn, Donald Preston

Clark, Amanda Alley

Lindsey, Thomas

Prewett, James Warren

Allen, Lucinda Pomeroy

Cochran, Lillie A. Hooper?

Mahan, Adaline Alley

Randolph, Mary E. Ailshie

Arthur, Arvel W.

Conley, Ed M.

Mahan, John W.

Rosenberg, Barbara Joyce

Barrett, Joel Lee

Cook, Thomas G.

Martin, Carl Madison

Scoville, Vivian Grace

Blakesmore, George

Deakins, Mary C. Dearing    Memorial

Martin, Sarah E. Headrick

Searcy, Nancy Ann Parker

Blunkall, Thomas B.

Ennis, James Isaiah

Martin, Shirley Deloris

Shomaker, James Elmer

Bradley, Jennie G.

Ferguson, Goldie Pearl

McCall, John A.

Smith, Harry R.

Brawley, William Russell

Hamilton, Elmeda Duvall

Meng, James Paul

Thompson, Stella Marie

Brown, David Morgan

Herren, Sam

Nicholson, Audrey V. Hensley

Ward, Michael Vincent

George, Burk        Memorial

Hoover, Amos

Nicholson, William Alexander

Wilkerson, George W.

Burrus, William T.

Hoover, Bobby

Odom, Mack

Williams, Phoebe Ann Black

Caylor, Michael Joel

Jones, Moses Joshua Parks, Thomas

Young, Amanda Rebecca Keeling

Chilton, Grover C.





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