1939 Shannon County Death Certificates

Barnes, Infant of Mildred Barnes & Robert Patterson Dickson, Hattie Victoria Nicholson Jameson, Herman Young Routh, Lester Louis
Barnett, Emily Jane Williams Dix, Arthur Bryan Jeremiah, Vincent Carr Routt, Robert
Barton, Marmalee Dodson, Billy Dean Layton, Adeline Edwards Sanders, Florence Julian
Baty, Arlie Doyl Dunn, Erwin Martin, Mary Elizabeth Warren Searight, Mary Catherine
Bockman, Thomas Brown 'TB' Dunn, Laverne Pearline Martin, Ola McMillan Smith, James
Boyce, Susan Summers Edgar, Ruth Elena McCann, Anna Lee Stevenson Smith, Lewis
Breeden, Mary Belle Ellerman, Albert M. McCann, Infant of Willie & Opal Staples, Amy Walls     Memorial
Brown, Frank Monroe Farrow, Arthur Elmer McClellan, Green W. Stearns, Infant of Elmer & Martha
Brown, Mary Ann Turpin Faulkner, Dorothy McCormac, Martha 'America' Davis Strain, Mary N. Gaines
Buckner, Ina May Foss, Henrietta L. 'Etta' Johnson     Memorial McEntire, Anna Francis Bunch Thomas, Mary Elizabeth Hunter
Buckner, Melvin Ray Fry, James C. Arthur Miley, Ann Yearwood Thompson, William R.
Burnett, Charles Henry Germon, Edward W. Mills, Lemro Van Winkle, Elmer James
Butts, Annie Marie Greer, George Andrew, Jr. Murphy, Bernie Watson, Stonewall Jackson
Carr, Ralph E. Griffin, Joyce Ann Neal, Mary E. Kidwell Williams, Infant of Earl & Beatrice
Casey, William Shields Harne, Merle Coleman Pope, Rosa Ann Thomas Wilkins, Susan Margaret 'Susie' Hartman
Chilton, Lydia Harrod Herod, John Emery Powell, William Bumbrey Williams, James Evans
Cooley, Barney R. Helton, Infant of Dohl & Virgie Quick, Infant of Louis & Gertrude Williams, Wendell
Corder, George Alexander Herod, John Emery Raymer, Lydia Winifred Woods, Harlan
Counts, Arthur J. Hime, Mary Isabell Bradley Redwine, William S. N. Wright, Charles Curtis
Cox, Sirena Summers Holden, James Witt Reese, William Walter Young, Ruby I.
Dean, Thomas A. Ipock, George Arthur Rothlisberger, Tyman  



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