1934 Shannon County Death Certificates


Alcorn, James Harmon Dawson, George Henry Lewis, Alexander 'Alex'  Memorial Smith, Viola May
Allmon, Martha Sisco Derryberry, Rachel Asher Lynch, Eliza S. Staples, Elias W.
Baker, Wilburn I. Dixson, Ettie Kimes Marsh, Ella E. Terrill, Delila Summers
Barrett, Lena Dowless, David Elisha Martin, Charles Albert Thompson, William W.
Birlew, Austin Ellett, Gus Rudolph McCalister, Rachel Gladys Cockney Trammell, Peggy Luella
Bolding, William C. Findley, Daniel B. McConnell, Donald Dale Vanarsdall, William
Bradshaw, George Flowers, William Andrew McMican, Mary Alice Bryant Vance, Luther Hayes
Bradshaw, George Herbert Freeman, William Marion Mitchell, Vernon Sidney Van Winkle, Abe
Brickey, Lawrence Peter Golenor, John Needels, Sarah Frances Culp Van Winkle, Dan
Brown, Edward Hall, James E. Odam, Margaret Nichols Warwick, Jesse B.
Brown, Erma Armedia Hall, Mary D. Hunter Pierce, Mary Waterman, Bill
Brown, John George Hatcher, Orville Eugene Prewett, Elizabeth 'Lizetta' Bartle Wiles, Mary
Carr, James T. Holland, Wayne J. Ralston, Katherine Isabel French Williams, Joe
Carter, Orie Stanley Hoover, Isabell Wadlington Reese, Helen Maxine Williams, Malinda Lewis
Chitwood, Henderson Howell, Frank Luther Riley, Donald Willis, Lydia Lewis
Clark, Jerry Douglas Hughes, Sarah Adaline Ward Rosenburg, Charles Winchester, Joseph S.
Combs, Missouri Elizabeth Hill Hunter, Henry C. Sample, Lavon Roy Winterbottom, Lillie M. Holland
Conelley, James Mack Jarvis, Gilbert Noble Shedd, Lewis Monroe Woodard, Gene Lee
Counts, Nicholas Lacy 'Lace' Keene, Maggie Knight Simpson, Rose Anna Pendergraf Wright, Frances Daniely
Cox, William Kirkman, Florence E. Blackwell Smith, Infant of Joseph & Louanna Yardley, Sarah Kathryn Bentley
Culp, Jessie Flick Knight, Don Rodrick Smith, Sarah M. Johnson  



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