1929 Death Certificates Index

Akerly, Mrs. Mary Frances Ferguson, Roy Vernon Huddleston, Carrie Ross, Junior
Infant of Henry 'Carl' & Ada C. (McHaney) Ross
Allison, Ella Julian  02 Fields, Joseph
Infant of Daniel F. & Ethel M. (Daffer) Fields
Hurt, Adaline Smith  02 Shedd, Horace Harvey
Allmon, Billie, Jr.
Infant of Bill & Millie (Gott) Allmon
Foster, Andrew Jones, James Shelton, Alma 
Infant of Sidney & Dovie (Denton) Shelton
Argo, Eugene Fry, Barbara Sue
Child of Cecil & Martha (Lewis) Fry
Kehres, Luella May Scoville Shelton, Joshua
Bachar, Martha S. Montgomery   Fry, Donald Robert
Child of George & Pearl (Gillespie) Fry
Kell, Hattie McKinney Sipes, Harriett Whitehead
Barnes, Louisa Green Bockman Gilbreath, James D. Kelly, Mary Elizabeth
Child of Otto H. & Vera (Casey) Kelly
Spicer, Maude Belle Weatherford
Barnes, William Jones  02 Grandstaff, Flossie Bell Allen Klepzig, Robert Arthur Strain, Dalby
Beane, William Taylor  02
Infant of R. E. & Helen (Brown) Beane
Grandstaff, Louise Ellen Norris 'Eliza' Lampkins, Thomine Charles
Infant of Charles E. & Pearl (Brawley) Lampkins
Stringer, Dixie Jane
Infant of Arvil & Nora (Riley) Striinger
Bounds, Robert George
Hansford, Charles Edward 'Charley'  02
LaRue, Fred Lee
Infant of Edd & Lois (Stafford) LaRue
Summers, James
Bowen, James Albert Harney, Elizabeth Catherine Morrow Marshall, Washington Irving Sykes, William  02
Bramlet, Dorothy  02   03
Child of Jim & Lucy (Huddleston) Bramlet
Hart, Mary Ann 'Polly' Warren Mayberry, Myrtle Lorene
Child of Benjamin & Hattie (Barnes) Mayberry
Terrill, Thankful Lewis  02
Brawley, Delbert Avra
Infant of Neil T. & Nancy (Birge) Brawley
Hart, Mary Louise
Infant of Charles & Myrtle (Dyle) Hart
McCall, Cecil Lee  02
Infant of Earl & Martha (Miller) McCall
Thomas, George Washington  02
Brewster, Ethel Catheline
Infant of Emerson & Stella (Pogue) Brewster
Haskett, James Allen McIntire, Ethel Kathleen
Child of Aaron & Dessie (Younger) McIntire
Vance, Dave
Infant of Elmer & Effie (Sweighauser) Vance
Bridgforth, Robert Lee Heather, William Armstrong Meredith, Charles Burleigh Van Winkle, Dave  02
Chaney, Elizabeth Burdine 
02  03
Heiney, John  02 Millman, May Siegel Wells Ward, Daisy Schneider
Cooley, Millie May
Infant of Raymond Cooley and Wilma Dyer
Hicks, Calvin
Child of Oscar & Dorothy (Ellett) Hicks
Patterson, Waine
Infant of Harley & Fannie (Carpenter) Patterson
Weaver, Clitus Bain
Cooper, John Eugene
Infant of Charles E. & Ruby May (Price) Cooper
Hicks, Eugene Melvin
Child of Oscar & Dorothy (Ellett) Hicks
Patton, John L.  02 Weaver, Mary Jane Willbanks  02
Counts, Lucy Jane Roberts  02 Hicks, Funston
Child of Oscar & Dorothy (Ellett) Hicks
Powell, Arthur Elmer Williams, Lloyd Henry
Craft, Maggie Koogler Holt, Joseph 02 Powell, Lettina 'Lettie' Robinson  02 Windsor, Jennie Parkhurst
Craft, Ray
Infant of David Wilson & Maggie (Koogler) Craft
Hopkins, John Reed, Mary Ann Jackson Wofford, Joseph Marion
Craigle, Frank C. Huddleston, Abram Marshall Rosenburg, Herman Leon  02
Child of Ferry & Retha (Thomas) Rosenburg
Young, Valda Lee
Infant of Robert & Cora (Russell) Young
Dixson, Infant of
Frank & Nora (Nash) Dixson


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