1927 Death Certificates Index

Adams, Louis Cleveland Coats, Nancy E. Shoemate Marie, Ellen Rebecca Deering
Rhinehart, Farris
Child of Vernon & Alpha? (Farris) Rhinehart
  Ales, Electia Crabtree Conner, Florence 'Jewel' Bandy Massengale, Victoria Alley Rozell, William M.
  Ammerson, Minerva Branson Dunn, Emma Russell McCarty, Floyd
Infant of Arthur & Mary (Chronister) McCarty
Sconce, Dexter
Infant of Wesley & Pearl (Price) Sconce
  Atchison, Loyd
Infant of George & Frances (Stewart) Atchison
Goodwin, Martha McCann Means, Alf Alexander Shoults, Lelah            Memorial
Child of Lilburn & Ruth (Woods) Shoults
  Baker, William Grandstaff, Louella DeVore Melton, Arthur Smith, Charles Henry
  Bealert, Charles Bert Hollar, Clarence
Infant of Charles E. & Nora (Harper) Hollar
Murray, Elihu W. Snider, Margaret Lillian
Child of Charles A. & Gertrude (Hubbs) Snider
  Best, Earl, Jr.
Infant of Earl, Sr. & Rosie (Wilks) Best
Ipock, William Enoch Naney, James W. Stulce, Millie Agnes
Infant of Leonard & Mary (Ashworth) Stulce
  Brewster, Geneva Lee
Infant of E. M. & Stella (Pogue) Brewster
Johnston, Hiram G. Noll, Jacob S. Tailor, Emma R.
  Brickey, Mary C. Staples Koogler, Rosa May Craft Paulding, Manley Merle Thompson, Carrie E. Mahan
  Broadfoot, Roy Dwain
Child of James 'Lawrence' & Ruth J. (Cox) Broadfoot
Krewson, Dollie M. Cummins Pendergrass, Carl Eugene
Child of John H. & Minnie (Esmond) Pendergrass
Turner, C. Francis
  Bunch, Della Florence Wood Lampkins, Hazel Reva
Infant of Charles & Pearl (Brawley) Lampkins
Phelps, Lorene May
Infant of Pascal & Ruby (Baugh) Phelps
Vann, Ariadne Katherine Biffle
  Burnett, Warren N. Lowe, Denver Dow        Memorial Prewett, Edna May
Infant of Charles & Delsie (Helton) Prewett
Webb, Adeline Richardson
Burns, Luther
Child of Charles & Pearl (Richardson) Burns
Lundry, James Pritchett, James Thomas Williams, Edgar Sylvester
Burris, Thomas Dolph Mahan, James P. Purcell, Francis Marion Williams, Martha Ann Ward
Cavaness, Bruce Houston
Infant of Theodore & Mary (Stewart) Cavaness
Malone, Catherine Driscoll Piatt, Laura Belle Fleming Wilson, Josie
Infant of Osie & Sallie (Buffington) Wilson

Death Certificates Index




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