1924 Death Certificates Index

Akers, Anvil Alvie

Cooley, Benny Dale

Kile, Effa Ann Kelley

Purcell, Dooley

Akers, John

Cooper, George Washington

Landfather, Effie Ervilla

Randolph, Martha Thomas
Atkins, Shannon (Indexed as Adkins)

Copeland, James Franklin

Laxton, Jesse

Richardson, Hazel Jewel

Bailey, Helen Louise

Cosby, Mrs. Amanda

Lee, David

Roberts, Rachel Bailey

Ball, Audrey Edna

Cox, Tracie Marie

Lee, Lydia Ann Ramsey

Robertson, Ruth

Ball, Jarome

Crumm, Frances Eliz. Bradley

Lewis, Harley

Russell, Mose M.

Barnes, Dorothy Evelyn 

Cutts, Esty (Tombstone has Lesta Cutts, and dates Jul. 10, 1891-Nov. 6, 1924)

Lewis, Mabel Emily Kennedy

Seiber, Calvin   Memorial

Barnett, Robert L.

Cutts, Sarah A. Snow (Tombstone has died 1934)

Lewis, Violet

Sellars, Goldie Marie

Bay, Dessie May

Deatherage, Margie

Locke, Joseph

Sellars, Infant of George & Hazel

Bay, Elisabeth N. Rich

Estill, Austin Bayne

Lowry, Ida Harris

Shockley, Elizabeth Pankey

Biggs, Zachary

Eudy, Malinda Brim

Lowry, Infant of Lewis & Ida

Smotherman, Sarah Jane Jackson

Bockman, Howard Powell

Fansler, Thomas David

Matthews, Infant of Wm. David & Paris Weaver Matthews

Smith, Minnie Thompson

Borden, George Henry

Goforth, Gracie Lee Morton

Maxey, Arie Elizabeth Crowder

Strain, Davy Crockett

Broadfoot, Betty Golda Voyles

Goodwin, Edwin

McCarty, Dora Isabell Collins

Strother, Jula Ann McNeil

Broadfoot, Veril Lennis

Gore, George F.

McCloud, John

Stultz, Henry Virgil

Broadhead (or Broadfoot?) Nancy Jane  

Graham, Julia Crispin

McConnell, Nelson A.

Summers, William Reuben

Brooks, Dr. Thomas    Memorial

Griffin, Willard C.

McCormac, Augusta L.

Sutterfield, Mary Ellen Bartle

Burrus, James

Hartman, John Thomas

McCormac, Infant of Ralph & Goldie

Treadway, Carl

Chaney, Amos Martin

Hines, Nola W.

Miller, Cora E. Whitsell

Vance, Denver

Clouse, Nancy Jane Esmond

Hodges, Ruth

Mittge, Wilhelmina Kleinfeld

West, Infant of Art & Allie

Collins, Sam

Holman, Ellis Young

Nichols, John R.

Wilkins, Rubin

Compton, Francis Isabell Cope

Hurt, Samuel

Noll, Laura Martin

Wilson, Lotis Lee

Conway, Elvira 

Kelly, Arnold William

Norris, Erby Elva

Yardley, James C.

Cook, James R.

Kelley, Van

Ousdahl, William John

Yardley, Lowell



Younger, Asa Carroll 

Death Certificates Index




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