1923 Shannon County Death Certificates


Alcorn, Clifford

Deatherage, Bonnie Cleo
Infant of Ora & Pearl (Woods) Deatherage
  Martin, Anna Thompson 'Annie' Simpson, Grover Franklin 'Frank'   02
(1st husband of Martha 'Ruth' Haynes, who married his brother Andy after his death)
Allmon, Golda Pearl Dooley, Clem   Martin, Goldie May Smith, Charles Kenneth
Birge, Chester Paul Dumond, Laney Saphrona Lucart   Martin, James Smith Smith, Sarah Elizabeth Shelton
Birlew, Stephen Eddings, Ida Mildred
Infant of A. A. & Florence (George) Eddings
  McAfee, Mrs. Mary Bell Snelson, Amos Leonard
Blake, Annie Brooks Ellis, Caroline Sellars   Nicholson, Ida Shipley Spurgeon, William Royal
Blake, Martha E. Medley Enlow, James Lee
No death certificate; out of state death
  Norris, Nellie Alna
Infant of Enoch Lafayette 'Ean' & Jewel (Bailey) Norris
Strain, Malinda Miller
Brandon, William Thomas Farris, John C.   Pankey, Lawrence L.  
Branson, Glena May
Also indexed as Glena May Bronson
Freeman, Thomas J.   Parker, Robert Benjamin Summers, William
Brickey, Peter P. French, George Robert   Patterson, Hester Jane Smith Sutton, Mildred Junita
Infant of Edgar & Nova (Copeland?) Sutton
Britt, Rolla Hasty, Jesse
Infant of Jesse & Mig (Eberhart) Hasty
  Perkins, Nettie Williams Swafford, Evelyn Irene
Infant of Charlie & Amanda? (Dickerson) Swafford
Browning, Estel Eyella
Infant of Calvin & Floy (Chrisco) Browning
Henry, Margaret Jane Moffitt   Pickett, Edward Birch Swain, Therba E.
Infant of Chester & Della (Sallee?) Swain
Buckles, Clara Dona Hill, James Alexander   Prewett, Earl
Son of Harrison & Georgia (Chilton) Prewett
Sweet, Rhadolphus B. 'Adolph'
Burns, Archie Hines, Lewis        Memorial   Pulliam, Francis Marion Taylor, Mrs. Elisabeth F.
(Widow of James K. Taylor; married 1st a Brown. Mother of Minnie Taylor Lindsey, who married John L. Lindsey)
Camden, Imeneal
Infant of Taylor & L. (Goforth) Camden
Hoeffner, James Loyd   Ramsey, Forest Marion Terrill, Laurie
Infant of Retta Terrill
Campbell, James Madison Hoover, George Washington   Randolph, Marion Granville  02 Thomas, Iva Jane White  02
Carey, Mary Jane Counts Hoover, Myrtle E.   Reynolds, Richard  02 Tripp, Pearl Irean
Infant of Charley & Bessie (Goforth) Tripp
Chaston (Chasten?), John Joel Johnson, Josephine Pinkert 02   Richards, Joseph P. Tuttle, Mernia Theo  Memorial
Chilton, Sophia Chilton Karr, Alonzo   Roberts, Lucille
Infant of Marion T. & Cora Lee (Thomas) Roberts
Wallace, Riley James
Chrisco, S. Anvil Kingery, Latissia Brewster   Robins, Martha Ann Meadows Watson, Alfred
Coats, Iva Melvina Cooper Lanham, Emma Clinton   Rodgers, Ondry? Pershing
Infant of John 'Tom' & Bessie 'Mae' (Smith Patton) Rodgers
Weaver, Abigail
Coats, Virginia 
[Stillborn 22 Jun 1923. No death certificate found. Infant of Harry Herbert Coats & Iva Melvina (Cooper) Coats]
LaRue, James Michael   Sherrell, Vadie Vivian
Infant of L. G. & Irene (Martin) Sherrell
Webb, James L.
Infant of James L. & Eudora (Miller) Webb

Copeland, Isam
(Died at Springfield, Greene Co MO)
Lindsey, Bessie B.   Sellars, James Ervin Weese, Royal Omer
Child of William Royal & Nora (Akers) Weese
Cummings, James Lyle Lindsey, Della C.   Shoemate, William Samuel Wilson, Lula Senora Kyle
Davis, Edgar Alexander Manning, James   Shomaker, Demi Lucille  


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