1922 Shannon County Death Certificates


Atchison, Leonard Faril Dent, William E.

Klepzig, Allie Adams

Randolph, Mary Brewster

Barrett, Lawrence F. Dickerson, Kenneth Curtis Martin, Dessie L. Rose, Perry L.
Bell, Benjamin Franklin Dixon, Sylvia
Infant daughter of Frank & Nora (Nash) Dixon
Martin, John Jackson Russell, Hilda S. Johnson

Bell, Emeline
Infant of Selma Bell
Dooley, Thomas Mason, Sarah Jane Laxton Sellars, Martha Ann Alley
Bolin, Laura Clary Ellerman, William Moses
Mathias, Eugene
Infant of Lula Mathias
Seybold, Henderson Franklin   Memorial
Brawley, James M. Fisk, Junior
Infant of Benjamin & Anna (Knight) Fisk
Mayberry, Mary Ann Barnes
Sharp, James Howard
Infant of Manuel & Faye (Ennis) Sharp
Brewer, Mary C. Thomas Goodrich, Clifford
Infant of Frank & Myrtle (Munger) Goodrich
McAfee, Ina Christina
Infant of Charles Dewey & Winnie (Stevenson) McAfee
Sherrell, Mary E. Walls
Buckles, Freddie Lee Hasty, Martha Everhart McCabe, James T. Street, Verdellia

Burke, Alice Belle
Infant of William 'Frank' & Clara 'Belle' (Hatton) Burke
Haynes, Infant
of Willis & Virgie (Brawley) Haynes

McVickers, Arnold Raymond
Infant of John & Clara (Brown) McVickers
Swallow, Clinton
Burke, Madeline
Infant of William 'Frank' & Clara 'Belle' (Hatton) Burke
Hibbard, Sophronia Rose

Mead, Wilma Irene
Infant of Adam & Maggie (LaGrand) Mead
Sweezer, Louise Hardin
Cardwell, Infant
of Dallas & Jessie (Johnson) Cardwell
Holden, Burl

Mendenhall, Infant
of William & Unknown (Conway) Mendenhall
Turner, Sarah Ann Mahan
Counts, William Howell, Alta Jane (Wilson?)
Miley, May Vance, Jim
Counts, William Riley Jackson, Mrs. Jane
Owens, Nellie (Millie?) Willis? Varney, Theila
Deatherage, Elizabeth Chilton Jenkins, Syllia Clay Patterson, William Harold
Infant of W. A. & Ola (Birlew) Patterson
Veach, George Patterson
Deatherage, Elva Arlington Johnson, David Sophus Ray Phelps, Mariah Eveline Scott
Wade, Gertrude Virginia
Deckard, Sarah Stevenson Jones, Loys T.
Phillips, Mrs. Mary Ann
Wallen, Vannie Olivia Russell
Denning, Enos Ian Edman Jones, William        Memorial Prewett, James Thomas Warren, Maranda Adeline Medley
      Williams, Alfred Dillion



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