1921 Death Certificates Index


Adkins, Joseph Alonzo Cooper, Martha 'Mattie' McFall Kile, William H. Riley, James R.
Akers, Lucinda Crabtree, James M. Kurtz, Carrie Jane Kipp Robinson, Caleb Alonzo
Alcorn, Lyman Paul Creagar, Sarah Larew Lair, Josephine Thomas Russell, Francis Marion
Allen, Mary A. Sheets DeWeese, Sallie May Lowther, R. Perry Russell, Infant of James & Edie
Bacon, Mrs. Emily Dooley, Iva  Martin, Leroy Jim  
(Not sure about this name)
Russell, Infant of James & Edie
Bailey, Tennessee A. Morgan Dooley, Sylvia Belle Piatt Mercer, Arminta F. Lambert Rutherford, Harlow M.
Ballew, Florence Adele Duncan, Albert Mock, Irene L. Sellars, Irene
Barnett, Nellie Enloe, Mary Akers Owens, Robert Franklin Street, Ann J. Fults
Barton, Lela Mildred Farris, Clara H. Klosner Parker, Mary Louisa Yelton Swain, Maggie Baker
Baty, Cynthia Adaline Saig Ferguson, Willie Everett Pierce, Joseph Henry Swallow, Mary Adaline Dunn
Bidwell, Infant of Rufus & Sarah Gatewood, George W. Plowman, Leo Thomas, Sarah Nicholson
Bland, Nora Lavada Hart, John Henry Potts, Arnold Winford Thompson, Sarah Chilton
Bradford, Julia Amie Nettles Holm, Edith Prewett, George Washington Thrasher, William Mackey
Brieden, Martha J. Tune Hoover, Jackson Purcell, Francois M., Jr. Tinsley, William P.
Buffington, Ethel Mamie Hoover, Nellie Wilma Ramsey, Martha Louisa Wallace, James Henry
Buffington, Sarah Mahan Johnson, Lela Ann Triplett Rawson, James Cicero Ward, John W.
Collins, Herman J. Johnston, Loren Raymer, Infant of John & Cora Watson, John
Cooper, Leander Burr Johnston, Marion Renfrow, Flora Patterson Williams, Ray Eugene
  Williams, Robert Lee




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