1910 Death Certificates Index


Badgley, Eleanor Deborah Agnew

Barker, Parthesa Sparks

Barnes, Julia Gosnell

Birlew, Annie

Bonham, Dorothy

Bourne, Fred

Brawley, Mary

Brawley, Mary K.

Brooks, Eliza Smith

Brown, Hazel Grace

Bunch, Edgar

Cochran, Margaret Smotherman

Conley, Vernon

Cook, Esther May

Copeland, Magga Steers    Grave    Photo

Davis, Daniel W.

Davis, Edward W.

Depriest. Abraham Marion

Dooley, Infant of Lloyd and Nora

Duvall, William Collins

Embeck, Herbert W.

Farley, James O.

Faust, Dorothy Marie

Hines, Beatrice Leora

Hines, Beatrice Seara 

Hon, Infant of Marion and Audrey

Hubbs, Robert

Huddleston, Nellie Geneva

Keeling, Lena R.

Lane, William Theodore

Lewis, Infant of Edgar and Ida

Mahan, Clive Earnest

Martin, Sarah Renfrow

Maxfield, William Stanley

McArthur, Infant of Artie and Maggie

McIntosh, James Earl

McMullen, Elijah

Neal, Robert

Nettles, Louisa Jane Dunlap

Nichols, Infant of J. A. and Ola

Nickels, Samuel

North, Charley Lee

Parsons, Infant of Jess and Eunice

Phillips, Hazel

Phillips, Infant of Thomas and Ollie

Phillips, William George

Pierce, Mary Ann Lewis

Plank, Durald Fay

Plank, Siddie E. Jones

Pummill, Lydia Alexander

Purkiss, Infant of Robert and Grace






Rich, Bartley Hampton

Robison, George W.

Rouintree, Walter

Sanders, Elsie 'Jane'     Grave
(buried at Baptist Hill Cemetery in Winona)

Sanders, Louis

Shelton, Martha Pogue

Shuler, Elizabeth John

Smith, Gladys

Smith, Isom

Smith, Opal

Sneed, Elizabeth Dilden

Speer, Kenneth Ross

Spurgeon, Cora D.

Taylor, Henry Francis

Taylor, Infant of Don and Lavert

Taylor, Infant of John and Mary

Thomas, Infant of Huston and Eva

Trucks, Sintha A. Burrett

Wade, Jefferson

Waggoner, Mary Laura Brigham

Washburn, Pearl

White, Grace Ellen

White, Louisa Josephine

Williams, Catherine Weaver

Williams, Infant of Simon and Flora

Young, Goldie




Death Certificates Index




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