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Brame, Patricia Sue Kaylor     Apr. 26, 1941 - Jan. 27, 2010.

Burrows, Alma Mae Page     Jan. 19, 1884 - Jun. 29, 1911.     Daughter of Willie F. Page (Pike Co MO) & Eleanor Owens (Montgomery Co MO). Married to Carl Burrows. Born in Montgomery Co MO; died at Fremont. Burial Jun. 29, 1911. MO Death Cert.#20576.

Crafton, Cecil Roy     Oct. 15, 1929 - Dec. 15, 1929.     Son  of George Crafton (Shannon Co MO) & Jane Ford (Reynolds Co MO). MO Death Cert.#39985

McBay, Elton Lee     Jan. 2, 1903 - Aug. 20, 1973.     Son of Wilbur McBay & Mary E. Harris. Married Alice Jewell Kelley. Father of Augusta Esther Loraine Able, Norma Jean Helen Pulliam, Mary Baker and Wilbur Lee McBay. From F.A.G. 'He moved to California and has children there also.'

McSpadden, Harley A.     Jul. 21, 1920 - Oct. 9, 2010.     Obituary

Payne, Joseph 'Bert'     Feb. 16, 1867 - Oct. 30, 1926.     Son of Joseph Payne (Wicliff KY) & Mary Russell (KY).  Born at Wicliff KY; died at Fremont of pulmonary tuberculosis. Informant J. H. Payne, Fremont. Burial Oct. 31, 1926.
NOTE: His wife Lucy is buried at Driskill Cemetery.

Stoutamore, James W.     Jan. 4, 1850 - Jan. 28, 1912.    


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