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Located on land used during WWI by the Mid-Continental Iron Company (Midco Ind.). The cemetery is a result of the great 'flu' epidemic of 1918 that swept across the nation killing hundreds if not thousands of individuals. Wooden markers were used for some of the graves. Most are unmarked. I found one grave listed at Findagrave.,com and four others on a list found on the Carter County website. Others were found by searching death certificates for the years 1918, 1919 and 1920 in Carter County.


Directions:  From Fremont, Highway 60, follow Oak Street about 2.3 miles NNW of Fremont Carter Co MO to Midco Hollow. The Old Midco Iron Works is at the mouth of Midco Hollow. About 1/4  mile due east is the cemetery, on top of a hill. 


Please contact me if you know of others buried here.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.9814, Longitude: -91.1428

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ALDRIDGE, J. S. R.     Feb. 1919 - Feb. 21, 1920.    Son of J. R. Aldrige & Lottie Ollar. Age 1 yr. 11 mos. 16 dys.  Died of pneumonia, secondary to measles. MO Death Cert.#5231.

AUBUCHON, Bulah Leyvana      Jun. 18, 1919 - Aug. 2, 1919.    Daughter of N. C. Aubuchon & M. Freer. Age 1 mo 15 days. Died of cholera infantum.
MO Death Cert.#24619. Informant N. C. Aubuchon.

BENTON, David Edward(s) 
     Aug. 24, 1918 - Feb. 27, 1920.    Son of James F. Benton (Franklin Co MO) & P. Kitchen (Iron Co MO). Born Bellview MO. Measles. MO Death Cert.#5228.

BUTTON, Thelma     Dec. 11, 1919 - Jul. 13, 1921.     Daughter of D. M. Button (Alton Oregon Co MO) and Ada Faulkenberry (Alton Oregon Co MO). MO Death Cert.#17019-a. Born and died at Midco Pike Twp Carter Co MO. Burial Jul. 13, 1921.

BUTTS, Banni
    Jan. 25, 1919 - Jan. 28, 1919.    Daughter of W. M. Butts (Buffalo MO) & Josephine Wilson (Bennett MO). 3 days old. Cause of death 'said to be hives'. MO Death Cert.#579-6.

BUTTS, Claud 
     Feb. 5, 1917 - Dec. 17, 1918.    Son of W. M. Butts (Lebanon MO) & Josie Wilson (Bennett MO). Age 1 yr 10 mos 12 days. Influenza & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#44943. Informant W. M. Butts.

BUTTS, Lonnie 
     Jan. 25, 1919 - Feb. 3, 1919.    Son of W. M. Butts (Lebanon MO) & Josie Wilson (Bennett MO). Cause of death 'said to be bold hives'. MO Death Cert.#5071.

COLLINS, Charley
     Oct. 2, 1907 - Jul. 29, 1920.    Son of R. J. Collins (IN) & Junie Richards (IA). Born Minden Mines, MO. Died of Malarial fever &
hepatitis. MO Death Cert.#24073.

COX, Seaman 
     Dec. 25, 1896 - Oct. 12, 1918.    Son of John W. Cox & 'Unknown' Ferguson (AR). General laborer on yard at iron furnace. Age 21 yrs 9 mos 7 days. Single. Influenza. MO Death Cert.#32192-g. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO. There is a second death cert. for him, 32192-7, not available online. NOTE: Another source has John W. Cox married to Ada Haley, with Seaman listed as their child.

DAVIS, Junell     Born & died Sep. 15, 1921.     Daughter of  R. S. Davis (Ironton MO) and E. M. Hawood (Ruble Reynolds Co MO). MO Death Cert.#22831-a. Burial Sep. 25, 1921.

ECKMAN, Homer C. 
     Jan. 16, 1919 - Jan. 22, 1919.    Son of J. E. Eckman (St James MO) & (looks like) Utah B. Campbell (Greer Oregon Co MO). Baby born Greer MO. Died of cholera infantum. MO Death Cert.#19260-b. (Twin of Omer)

ECKMAN, Omer C. 
     Jan. 16, 1919 - Jun. 24, 1919.    Son of J. E. Eckman (St James MO) & (looks like) Idoh B. Campbell (Greer Oregon Co MO). Age 5 mos 8 days. Died of cholera infantum. MO Death Cert.#19260-a. (Twin of Homer)

     Mar. 11, 1913 - Oct. 23, 1918.    Daughter of (C. P.) 'Pete' Ellerman (St Clair Co MO) & Cynthia Counts (Reynolds Co MO). Age 5 yrs 7 mos 12 days. Born in Reynolds Co MO. Spanish influenza & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-u. Informant Pete Ellerman, Midco MO.

  Age 35. Died Oct. 28, 1918.    Son of William (Henry) Ellerman (IN) & Fannie Leonard (St Clair Co MO). Born St Clair Co MO. Age 35.  Widowed. Died of spanish influenza & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-aa. Informant Erwin Ellerman, West Eminence MO.

ELLERMAN, Cynthia 
  Jan. 18, 1896 - Oct. 17, 1918.    Daughter of (William Riley) 'Rol' Counts & Elizabeth Counts (Eliza Jane 'Lizzie' Nash). Born Reynolds Co MO. married. Age 22 yrs 8 mos 29 days. Influenza, pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-p. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO. (Wife of C. P. 'Pete' Ellerman).

FREER, Carless E. 
  Sep. 19, 1900 - Oct. 17, 1918.    Son of A. W. Freer (Piedmont MO) & Elizabeth Knight (Franklin Co IL). Single. 18 yrs 28 days. General laborer on yard at iron furnace. Lobar pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-n. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

FREER, Nellie  Feb. 14, 1906 - Oct. 22, 1918. Daughter of A. W. Freer (Piedmont MO) & Elizabeth Knight (Franklin Co IL). 12 yrs 8 mos 8 days. Influenza & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-s. Informant A. W. Freer.

GOINS, Andrew Carl  Sep. 28, 1918 - Oct. 11, 1918.    Son of Milo Goins (Jackson Co AR) & Edith Davis (Jackson Co AR). 13 days old. Broncho-pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-f. j. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

GOSNELL, George B. 
      Aug. 14, 1857 - Jun. 9, 1920.    Son of Thomas Gosnell (IN) & M. (looks like) Foot (MI). Farmer. Born Iowa. Married. Died of aortic stenosis. MO Death Cert.#21598-a. Informant H. M. Gosnell, Midco MO. He was married three times. 1st wife Unknown, son Charles B. Gosnell (18 Apr 1878 - 29 Apr 1957), married Lou Creesia E. Chance Watkins; George married 2nd Evelyn 'Eva' Bolton; children Lois Gosnell (05 May 1886 - 01 Jun 1913), married Edward DePriest, married Ovie Jasper 'Jack' Hurst, & Jesse S. Gosnell (1890 - 1969) married Blanche Harrod. George's third wife was Emma E. Unknown; children Dow L. Gosnell b. abt. 1894, married Pearl Brawley; Henry Martin Gosnell, b. abt. 1895, married Blanche Lukes, & Minnie M. Gosnell, born abt. 1901.

GORE, Alta Russilla 'Russ' 
  Jun. 2, 1868 - Feb. 20, 1920.    Daughter of Isaac (Newton) Gore, (Sr.) (TN) & (Catherine J. Oxendine Whitefeather) (TN). Born Dagonia Reynolds Co MO. Single. Pulmonary tuberculosis. MO Death Cert.#5231-c.

HART, Albert B. 
  Oct., 1851 - Jun. 21, 1919.    
NOTE: Family databases on have dates 15 Oct 1852 - 19 Jun 1919.    Son of (Charles) Elliot Hart (TN) (& Mary Ellen Blackwell). Husband of Lovice Hart. Laborer cutting wood Mid-Continent Iron Co. Born Shannon Co MO. Died of malaria, chronic bronchitis contributory. MO Death Cert.#19260-c. Informant Joe Hart, Midco MO. He married 1st Hannah 'Lucinda' Crownover. She was a daughter of Levi Crownover and Rebecca (Earls) Crownover of Reynolds County.  Albert & Lucinda's only daughter was Martha Elizabeth 'Betty' Hart Ferguson Stark). Their sons were Alonzo, James Luther 'Jim', Joseph Elmer and John Clayton Hart. Albert married 2nd Lovice 'Vicy' Watkins Camden. She was the daughter of Martin Watkins & Julia Woods. Four of their five sons were Charles F. 'Charley', Perry Lee 'Guy', Alford, Robert 'Bob' & Melvin Hart. 

HART, Elliott      1840 - _______.      Believed to be the son of  Elliot Hart (b. 1812, TN) and Mary Ann Blackwell.  Married Martha Warren in 1860 in Reynolds Co MO.  

MERRITT, Samuel G. 
  1860 - Oct. 2, 1918.    No information. Cause of death undetermined. MO Death Cert.#32192-a.

PARKS, James    Died Dec. 30, 1918, age 42.    Carpenter at iron furnace. Usual residence Piedmont MO. MO Death Cert.#44944. Informant Mid Continental Iron Co.

PULLIAM, Andrew 
  Dec. 29, 1893 - Oct. 25, 1918.    Son of Cal Pulliam. Born Crawford Co MO. Married. Age 24 yrs 9 mos 26 days. Common laborer on yard at iron furnace. Died of spanish influenza & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-x. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

  Aug., 1917 - Oct. 15, 1918.    Daughter of Andrew Pulliam (Reynolds Co MO) & Marie Blanchard (McDonald Co MO). Age 1 yr 2 mos. Died of lobar pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-i. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

RAWLINS, Audralee 
  Sep. 21, 1918 - Sep. 30, 1919.    Daughter of Lee Rawlins (Eminence MO) & Mary Bryant (Salem MO). Born at Desloge MO. Age 1 yr 9 days. Died of cholera infantum. MO Death Cert.#27168-c.

REID, John M. 
  Jun. 10, 1871 - Jan. 10, 1919.    Son of John W. & J. Reid (Greensborough MS). Married. Born Driffle Springs MS. Age 47 yrs 7 mos. Carpenter at smelter at Mid Continent Iron Co. Died of influenza & pneumonia; contributory chronic Bright's Disease. MO Death Cert.#579-3.

RUSSELL, Herbert     Born & died Apr. 7, 1921.    Son of Jennings Russell (Winona Shannon Co MO) and Charity Honea (Ellington Reynolds Co MO). MO Death Cert.#9080-d. Burial Apr. 7, 1921.

RUTLEDGE, Nora     Born & died Apr. 28, 1921.    Daughter of Charlie Rutledge (Summersville MO) and M. M. Thompson (Swedeburg MO). MO Death Cert.#9080-e. Burial Apr. 29, 1921.

  No dates, no death certificate found.

SANDERS, Dallas 
  May 17, 1915 - Oct. 16, 1918.    Son of William Sanders & Sarah E. Johnston. Age 3 yrs 4 mos 29 days. Died of influenza. MO Death Cert.#32192-j. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

SANDERS, Leonard 
  May 4, 1904 - Oct. 8, 1918.    Son of William Sanders & Sarah E. Johnston. Age 14 yrs 5 mos 4 days. Died of La Grippe & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#32192-c. Informant W. M. Sanders.

  Apr. 28, 1901 - Oct. 17, 1918.    Daughter of William Sanders & Sarah E. Johnston. Age 17 yrs. 5 mos. 19 days. Died of influenza. MO Death Cert.#32192-o. Informant Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

SANDERS, Sarah E. Johnston 
      Feb. 6, 1870 - Oct. 26, 1918.    Daughter of Lawrence & Margaret Johnston. Wife of William M. Sanders. Died of broncho-pneumonia contributory to spanish influenza.MO Death Cert.#32192-z. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

  Apr. 14, 1903 - Oct. 16, 1918.    Son of William Sanders & Sarah E. Johnston. Age 15 yrs. 6 mos. 2 days. Died of influenza. MO Death Cert.#32192-k. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

  Apr. 13, 1911 - Oct. 12, 1918.    Son of William Sanders & Sarah E. Johnston. Age 7 yrs. 5 mos. 29 days. Died of influenza. MO Death Cert.#32192-h. Informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO.

SANDERS, Willie 
  Feb. 26, 1897 - Oct. 10, 1918.    Son of William Sanders & Sarah E. Johnston. Age 21. Single. General laborer on yard at iron furnace. Died of influenza. MO Death Cert.#32192-d. Informant W. M. Sanders, Midco MO.

SIMPSON, Charles 
  1892 - Feb. 12, 1920.    Son of Thomas Simpson. Age. 28. Logger for MidCo Iron Co. Died of pneumonia, contributed to influenza. MO Death Cert.#5230-a, burial 14 Feb 1920.

SISK, Roxie M. 
     Apr. 7, 1901 - Mar. 9, 1919.    Daughter of J. A. Sisk & Mary Hall (both of Myrtle Oregon Co MO). Pneumonia & acute nephritis. MO Death Cert.#8959-b.

SMITH, Mildred     Born & died Jan. 12, 1921.    Daughter of J. F. Smith (Mill Spring MO) and Della M. Ballard (Elsinore Reynolds Co MO). MO Death Cert.#398-b. Burial Jan. 13, 1921.

  1852 - Oct. 21, 1918.    MO Death Cert.#32192-r, informant Mid-Continental Iron Co., Midco, MO, did not know parents names or where born. Age 66. Single. He was a carpenter for the iron company. Died of influenza & pneumonia.

  Feb. 1, 1919 - Feb. 20, 1920.    Son of Ike Stevens & Nancy McCullough. Born at Many Springs, Oregon Co MO. Broncho-pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#5231-d.

  Mar. 2, 1862 - Mar. 2, 1920.    Divorced from James Uzzell. Born in Kentucky. Died of influenza. MO Death Cert.#11858. Informant Ike Stevens.

  No dates, no death certificate found. 

  1882 - Oct. 17, 1918.    MO Death Cert.#32192-m, informant F. E. Griffin, Midco MO, did not know who his parents were or where he was born. Age 36. Single. He was a pipefitter at the iron furnace. Died of lobar pneumonia, nephritis.

SWYRES, Martha J. Jones 
  Jul., 1862 - May 4, 1919.    Daughter of Tom Jones & Cindy Hart. Widow of Frank Swyres. Pulmonary tuberculosis. MO Death Cert.#16578-a. Informant David Swyres, Midco MO.

TAYLOR, Iantha 
  Jan. 30, 1920 - Feb. 29, 1920.    Daughter of D. W. Taylor (Logan Co OH) & Lela Scott (Logan Co OH). Born Ingersol, OK. Died of measles & broncho-pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#5231-e.

  Died Mar. 5, 1919.    No information for parents or place or date of birth. Day laborer at iron smelter, Mid Continental Iron Co. Died of Spanish influenza & pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#8959-a. Informant Luther Hart, Midco MO.

TURLEY, Margaret Montgomery    1810 - 27 Jun 1886.      Daughter of William Montgomery & Nancy Crow, born in Virginia, died at Carter Co MO. Married Giles Jurin Turley 01 Jun 1826.Mother of Nancy Jane, James Willis, Amanda, Calvin Bradford, Burris R., Adeline Minerva, Giles Jurin, William O., Elvy Green, Elizabeth E., Margaret Emma & William C. Turley. Possibly a son named Joe Turley. 

WEBB, Lucille    Jul. 21, 1915 - Nov. 25, 1918.    Daughter of C. T. Webb (Waterloo, AL) & Mattie Pitts (Waterloo, AL). Birthplace Fuller, KS. Died Pike Twp Carter Co MO; influenza, pneumonia. MO Death Cert.#38536; informant C. T. Webb; burial Nov. 26, 1918.


According to the book 'Midco' by the West Carter County Genealogical Society, 263 pages,......the flu epidemic was in 1918.

This book has a lot of great photos.

Page 12
How It Began (excerpt): The land transactions were completed in 1918, and the town of Midco began to take shape.

Preparing For Production (excerpt): The plant was ready for production in November of 1918, and the blast furnace began operating.

Page 13
Misfortune And Demise (excerpt): Perhaps the greatest misfortune to befall the town was the terrible 'flu' epidemic. The disease hit the town at a time when the houses were crowded, and there were many men in Midco who had no one to care for them. In at least one instance, a large family was totally destroyed. People died by the score in the worst tragedy ever to strike the young town.

The Mid-Continent Iron Company closed its plant in 1921, after only three years of operation.

By 1930, practically all of the people had left Midco. The iron works were no more....and the employees had to look elsewhere for means of making a

Today, one can still see the forlorn smoke stack...standing as a guardian sentinel of the past. The buildings are gone, the hills no longer ring with the sound of the woodcutters' axes, water pipes carry unneeded water, and an almost forgotten cemetery lies deep in the wooded hills.

Page 18
Midco Once A Thriving Company Town
By Michelle Friedrich, DAR Staff Writer
Located in Carter County about two miles north of Fremont, Midco's name was derived from the Mid-Continent Iron Company.

Page 19
When the flu was at its worst, the government had two crews digging graves, Usery said. There was no undertaker and crews worked night and day digging
graves with picks and shovels.

The dead were buried in Midco Cemetery, which was located on top of a hill outside of town, Turley said. There are probably between 100-200 people
buried there.

There are no professional stones marking the graves, just board crosses, Turley said. Today, 'it is an unmarked, unmaintained cemetery.'

Page 30
Mid-Continent Iron Company
Fremont, Carter Co., MO.
Although it is now a ghost town in the heart of a forest, Midco was once the largest town in Carter County, Missouri. It was a boomtown of WWI. The
place was named for the Mid-Continent Iron Company that put in a chemical plant there, for the purpose of making wood alcohol and other things for war

One of the country's greatest tragedies was an epidemic of the flu during WWI. When it came to Midco, people died suddenly. It was said that several
would die in one night's time. Of course, other communities suffered losses, also, but no where else in the country were the homes so congested as at
Midco. A forgotten graveyard far back in the woods leaves mute evidence of what a tragedy it must have been.
By: Eunice Pennington written for the Carter County Centennial in 1959.

Page 231
Mico, Carter County's Ghost Town Proved To Be Bad Dream
The Current Local
Date unknown - late 1950s or early 1960s
By Lucille Masnor
And in summer, folks come back and roam about the place, some in curiosity, some searching for the feel of yesterday. Some in disbelief that this could
be the town they knew and loved so well. Some wander to the cemetery on the hill and search among the unmarked graves for the graves of relatives who
lost their lives when the flue epidemic of 1918 swept through the town. Then they return to their cars.


In a message dated 03/05/2002 8:04:25 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< Hello Listmates!

The listing of Midco Cemetery under the Carter Co website only shows four names with no dates. There is a notation that 'this cemetery was the result
of a flu epidemic'. It also says that many graves were marked with wooden markers and there was evidence of many unmarked graves.

Does anyone know what time period this flu epidemic occurred? And, is there any other information available any other place as to who was buried there
besides the 4 listed?

My g-grandmother, Emma Catherine (TAYLOR) Cotton, died 19 Feb 1920 of influenza and supposedly is buried next to my g-grandfather, Dill White
COTTON, in Gresham Cemetery in Carter County. However when I contacted the funeral homes in the area, none had any record of handling her burial. This makes me wonder if she might have really been buried at Midco and her name put on the double headstone when my g-grandfather died 35 years later. They were very poor and I wondered how he paid for her burial back then.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Donna Reynolds >>

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